What Size Sheets For 2 Twin Beds Pushed Together? - Expert Sharing

What Size Sheets For 2 Twin Beds Pushed Together? - Expert Sharing

What size sheets for 2 twin beds pushed together? It is a common and the most demanding question that people who love spacious mattresses want to know. 

Here in the article, we will answer every question you have. We also share how to get ample space with the most simple and convenient method. 

Without further ado, let's get to the details.

What Size Sheets For 2 Twin Beds Pushed Together

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Can You Push Two Twin Beds Together?

Yes, it is possible to combine 2 twin beds. We have a detailed guide for you below!

What Size Sheets For 2 Twin Beds Pushed Together?

Each twin bed, a.k.a single bed, measures 38 x 75 inches (WxL), so adjoining two of them will give you a 76 x 75-inch mattress.

In fact, there is no bed sheet designated for such dimensions, but you can always turn to a customized tailor shop to make you one. 

What if you are in a rush? A king bed sheet can help in a pinch! Although its size of 76 x 80 inches will be a tad longer than the adjoining bed, it works just fine if you know how to hide the sheet.

Do 2 Twin Bed Pushed Together Make A King?

No. Saying two twin beds can “fit” a king bed sheet doesn’t mean that the two will form an exact king bed. 

As mentioned, king-size sheets provide a tolerable additional 5 inches in length, indicating that the king bed is also 5 inches longer than the 2 adjoining twin beds. 

Besides, if your 2 single beds are an XL mattress type of twin bed, the king-size sheets will fit 100% because these beds have the width of 38 inches wide and a length of 80 inches. 

To prevent inconvenience, the bed's sheet should be the same size as the mattress. Finding the ideal match sheet for 2 beds pushing together is challenging; thus, sometimes, you must make a bespoke choice.

Do 2 Twin Bed Pushed Together Make A King?

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Why Should People Combine Two Single Beds?

Joining two small-size mattresses has several advantages since it adds room, storage, and comfort. Additionally, it gives the space a more opulent appearance.

Excellent Choice For Oversized Individuals

Twin beds are often too narrow for overweight persons. Therefore, most of the time, they will feel there is not enough room for toss and turn. 

If your bed is twin or twin XL, it should be combined to double the width since these people need more space to fit on the furniture to rest.

Extra Space

Users may gain more width and room by narrowing the area between two single beds. You can make use of the extra room by sharing a bed with your dog, cat, or any pets you have and rest soundly on it. 

It also lowers your chance of falling. Without worrying about falling, you can put your books, phone, laptop & other belongings on it.

In short, you get more comfortable sleep on it.

Opulent Addition To The Space

The space feels more luxurious with a huge bed than a single one. So, by connecting the twin beds together, you may make your own roomy platform. 

Doing so may give the space a more upscale and elegant appearance. Widening your resting surface will make it more inviting and pleasant.

Economical Choice

A king-size or double bed can be more pricey than 2 single ones. Combining the two twin beds can save money while obtaining a larger mattress and the extra room you need. 

Additional Storage

Sheets, as well as other sleeping materials, cannot be stored under single beds. Furthermore, they are too small to function like storage containers. 

Moving the beds closer to one another may expand the area underneath them. Get the most out of the storage capacity by closing the gap as little as possible.

To fill the area, place some storage bins (say, 3 to 4 box-sized objects) underneath the mattress. To make it easier to close & open, it is best to put the box's open side facing outward.

Why Should People Combine Two Single Beds?

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Simple To Move

It isn't easy to carry a mattress with a huge wooden frame because of its size. Meanwhile, the twin bed frame makes it simpler to move from one location to another. Accordingly, twin beds are preferable over a double or king bed since they are simpler to handle.

How To Connect Twin XL Mattresses to Make A Split King Bed

Step 1

If you already have two twin beds, move straight to step 2. Otherwise, continue reading.

The first step you must take if you purchase brand-new twin beds is to select your mattress! Ensure that all of the twin beds are at the exact dimensions when you're merging models from 2 different manufacturers.

Your split king bed is highly uneven if one of the mattresses is higher than the brother. Two different height sing beds can lead to premature wear.

We highly recommend you purchase the same size and type for each bed's side whether you buy from 1 brand or different ones.

Step 2

Then, position both twin beds on the box spring or regular king bed frame.

Step 3

You should think about putting a bed bridge or mattress topper of the king-size after positioning these mattresses securely on the frame. 

The bed bridge is to make sure there is no space between them. The topper is on the top in order to avoid visible gaps. Besides, it is an extra layer that keeps you more comfortable and warm on cold days.

Step 4

Lastly, cover your split king bed with suitable king bed sheets. You can start to sleep now!

How To Connect Twin XL Mattresses to Make A Split King Bed?

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What Would You Do To Fill The Space Left By Two Single Beds? 

After putting the two twin beds toward one another, it is critical to close the space. Your limbs can get stuck in a small opening, which might cause you to fall inside. In this case, bed bridges are the item you should look for. Connect the two mattresses together using these lengthy bridges.

As a result, it transforms 2 beds into a spacious platform & the central crack vanishes instantly. Even better, it serves as a temporary fix because you can just take them out again if you wish to separate them again.


Almost everyone must be confronted with the problem: what size sheets for 2 twin beds pushed together while transitioning to a brand new house or merely rearranging your bedroom? We hope that this sharing is a big help to you on how to pick the ideal size sheets which match your needs.
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