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Natural Australian Wool Filled Pillow


  • 100% Natural Australian Wool
  • WOOL FILLED PILLOW: Fine Aussie Wool that adheres to strict regulations to give you the best safest wool. Natural wool helps better regulate temperature since it’s not treated with any toxic chemicals and retains its natural fibers. Keeping you warm when cold and cool when warm. Includes 100% Organic Cotton Cover. Medium Fill - Medium Firm support.
  • ADJUSTABLE PILLOW: Wool this pillow be for you? YES! Customize it to your desired size and comfort. Made with Zippered Cover for Adding or Removing filling to meet your preference loft height.
  • NATURALLY FIRE RESISTANT: NO toxic flame-retardant chemicals. No other toxic chemicals like (vinyl, petroleum-based additives, polyester) seen in memory foam/synthetic pillows. To preserve natural content, the pillow is not sprayed or treated with fragrance or bleach. Has a slight natural wool odor that dissipates in a few days.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Allergen-Free Pillow. Dust mite, bed bugs and mildew resistant for an overall Healthy Sleeping Environment. Plus, NATURAL WOOL helps better Wick away moisture for a dry sweat-free sleep.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: We designed this pillow for easy washing convenience, simply carefully follow the washing instructions (slightly different from conventional pillows) and your pillow will be freshly cleaned with no damages.

Pillow Sizes

  • Standard
  • Queen
  • King
  • Child
  • Travel