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Real Down Comforter

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Real Down Comforters are filled with 550 fill power of lofty real down and encased in a 350 Thread Count Organic Cotton Cover. It is double washed to reduce any allergens with high density organic down proof covering.

– Baffle: box design prevents down from shifting
– Superior loft, warmth and comfort
– Comfortable for year-round
– Spot clean or dry clean


    • Twin: 68″ x 88″
    • Queen: 88″ x 90″
    • King: 104″ x 96″

Color: White

 Caring for Real Down Comforters 
These pure down comforters last a long time. However, they are delicate and need to be attended to carefully to enjoy the benefits fully. We recommend using our Organic Cotton Duvet Cover in order to extend the life of the comforter. It is easier to care for duvet covers than the duvets. We recommend washing duvet covers on a regular basis along with the bed sheets. At some point, when you need to clean the Real Down Comforters, we recommend:

Spot Cleaning
– Move the down away inside the stitch box from the area you wish to clean.
– Use a mild detergent / soap or spot remover.  Gently rub it into the stain.
– Rinse well with water. Try not to wet the down.
– Use either a hair dryer on the wet portion or use a large dryer in  air fluff cycle.

Full Cleaning
We recommend the use of professional cleaners. However, if you choose to clean it yourself, please use a front load washing machine in large capacity. Top load large washers are a second choice.  Use a delicate cycle and mild soaps. It is recommended to use an additional rinse to remove any excessive soap.

Drying real down comforters are an extended process in “air fluff cycle.”  If the comforter feels moist or wet after dry cycle, dry again in air fluff cycle. Do not add heat to hasten the process.  Watch for dry covering (aka ticking)  to be dry , but the feathers may not be dry.  It is important to prevent residual soaps or moisture in the duvet as that condition makes the duvet prone to milldew.  It is also important to avoid excess heat as it will result in shrinkage and/or clustering.