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Organic Cotton Mattress Pad-mini sleepers

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100% Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pads are filled with combed 100% Organic Cotton and are covered with super soft 100% Organic Cotton fabric. These are one of the only Crib Mattress Pads on the market completely free of all toxic substances. Most traditional cotton crib mattress pads are manufactured using vinyl, PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene and other harmful substances. Since babies spend about 70% of their time on the mattresses sleeping or playing, any residual toxicity from PVC, urethane or similar dangerous substances can have serious effects. Our 100% organic cotton Crib Mattress Pads are heavier than traditional pads and absorb twice the amount of liquids, eliminating the need for harmful water repellent covers that are usually made of vinyl or polyurethane. These Mattress Pads are easy to care for and can be washed as needed so they are always fresh for your baby.


  • No dyes or chemicals, just organic purity
  • Heavy duty. Made to last and have 25-50% higher organic filling than most mattress pads in the market.
  • Organic cotton pad offers great support- far superior than wool, latex, and other pads that are far too soft for babies. Easy care and does not have limitation of spot cleaning or dry cleaning.
  • Thick enough to offer great support and absorbent to pick up accidents without the need for vinyl sheets or additional covers.
  • These pads are absolutely ALL organic. No vinyl, no polyester, no polyurethane, no polyethylene or latex
  • Natural color