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Organic Down Alternative Comforter

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Our Organic Down Alternative Comforter provides the highly desirable insulation and bulk of traditional down with a synthetic alternative filling. The material is encased in a supremely plush and silky Organic Cotton covering, ensuring the best combination of softness and warmth. This particular version of down alternative is derived from the plastic of recycled water bottles, inherently hypoallergenic and free of animal products. 

✔️  Covered in 100% Organic Cotton for softness and comfort

✔️  Comes with loops to attach duvet cover

✔️  Free from any toxic chemicals or pesticides

✔️  Easy to care for - simply machine wash on a regular cycle. 

✔️  Hypoallergenic and breathable

✔️  Bulky and warm 

Available in a Light or Heavy level of filling. Light is suitable for a year-round level of insulation. Heavy has 20% more filling for those seeking extra warmth or in a colder climate. 

Weight (pounds):  Queen (L)~6.5 | King (L)~7.7| Twin (H)~6.3  | Queen (H)~8  | King (H)~9.3.

Sizes (in inches):   

Crib (33x55)   

Twin (68x68)     

Queen (88x88)   

King (96x104)    

King XL (106x110)   




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