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Natural Latex Body Pillow


Body Pillow (thin organic cotton cover included)
Thick Cover Protector (Cover Only)
Body Pillow (Double Premium Cotton Cover Included)
  • FULL-SIZE BODY PILLOW: Our All-Natural Organic Body Pillow is made from 100% Natural Latex. Developed through a special Dunlop process, the material is extraordinarily supportive, responsive, and springy yet soft and comfortable. The pinhole design and open cell structure of the latex allows air to flow through the body pillow, keeping it cool. The elastic nature of latex ensures that this pillow never has to be fluffed to stay in shape. Cylindrical in shape, measures 48" long, with 8" diameter

  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Memory Foam? Gel Filled? Latex pillows mixed with other TOXIC ingredients? Weird mixed wording and not sure if truly Organic or Natural? DON’T WORRY our body pillow is made from 100% PURE NATURAL LATEX and contains no memory foam, no synthetic latex, dangerous off-gassing, or toxic chemicals.

  • RESILIENT & RESPONSIVE: Ordered a body pillow that flattens out after a few weeks!? We understand your struggle! Our Latex Body pillow will keep its lofty support with its bounce-back effect, maintaining form for years to come. Plus, it’s resistant to mildew and dust mites. With Medium-Firm support, this pillow is suitable for any sleeper.

  • HYPO-ALLERGENIC: Sleep without ever having to worry about getting a skin reaction or having your allergies kick in. This body pillow is made from all-natural and organic materials. You will be sleeping and breathing on a pure latex body pillow.
  • GREAT FOR MATERNITY & PREGNANT WOMEN TOO ❤: We understand how hard it is to get a good night's rest during pregnancy. Latex is known to help better relieve pressure than other types of pillows. This full-size body pillow will help with body/backaches. Eliminating tossing and turning will provide more stable, consistent sleep for a healthy environment for your child.
  • Body Pillow with thin Organic Cotton Cover
  • Body Pillow with Double Cover Protection (second cover is premium cotton cover)
  • Premium Cotton Cover Only - with thick, quilted, raised cushion pattern

  • Both covers have drawstring for tightening and removing