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Reversible Organic Crib Mattress-Made in USA

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Reversible Organic Crib Mattress-Made in USA

This is the extra firm 6 inches reversible Organic Cover Innerspring Crib Mattress. It is made with the reinforced top and bottom rails to prevent the compression. Fix the standard crib. Choosing our Organic Crib mattress is the best choice for your little one, who is spends all most the time in the crib. Why? because our crib mattress provides your baby the excellence comfort, the purity and healthy: 

  • No flame retardant, the organic wool is natural retardant
  • No synthetic materials
  • Certified organic cotton outering and certified organic wool batting
  • Heavy gauge 242 elliptical coil spring at its core
  • Meet all safety regulation  for CPSC guidelines 
  • Made in the USA

Shipping in 2-3 business days since the order day. 

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