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100-cotton fair-trade gots


organic bedding by organic textiles


Meticulously woven with your health in mind, we use 100% pure organic cotton for our beddings.

We make sure our products have no harsh pesticides, herbicides, and unsafe growth regulators. We do not like hazardous dyes, softeners, and other pollutant chemicals in our sheets. We are au natural.

Organic and Natural Pillows


Our Natural Pillows are made from eco-friendly botanicals, meaning we use natural plant extract easily found in nature.

There are no toxic chemicals or synthetic or petroleum based filters that will increase toxicity, so you can sleep easy.

Our Organic Pillows are produced all-naturally, without the pesky pesticides or herbicides.


Organic Latex Mattress Toppers


Our Natural Latex Mattress Toppers are made all-naturally without toxic chemicals, synthetic or petroleum based fillers, making it free from chemical additives.

We have no need for toxic additives for odor camouflage, fresheners, softeners, or stain guards as nature does it naturally.

Our Organic Latex Toppers meets the prestigious GOTS certification requirement through the use of organic soil, organic growth proper harvesting.

Organic Baby Bedding


We know the importance of the health and safety of our future generation, especially at their most vulnerable time. That is why we take extra care ensuring only the best for babies.

It’s good for the planet–it’s good for our children.







Customer Service

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