Advantages of Natural and Organic Bedding

Natural and organic bedding goods are free of harsh, toxic chemicals. But natural materials also boast some advantages on their own as well.

Temperature & Moisture Regulation: 

Natural fibers help regulate temperature and moisture. Natural wool, for example, is considered to be a great regulator of both. It can help keep a person cool or warm as it whisks away moisture to keep skin dry and also acts as an insulator. Compared to adults, babies are poor regulators of their temperature and can benefit from bedding goods materials that help them maintain a comfortable body temperature. Organic cotton is also very breathable and not flammable like PVC is. Coir fiber is also very breathable as well as naturally springy.


Natural components in natural and organic bedding such as latex rubber foam are dense enough to create a firm mattress without the use of innersprings and keeps it shape very well. It is also anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites. Some sources claim natural latex is hypo-allergenic, while others say allergies to true latex do exist (but are very uncommon). Horsetail hair and coir fiber also provide natural but long-last spring to a mattress.


Wool is naturally fire-resistant and therefore can be used to meet flammability standards without the addition of the toxic additives described above.

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