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2" Stomach Latex Pillow


  • 100% Natural Latex
  • NATURAL LATEX: This Low Loft Pillow is made with 100% Natural Latex and designed with a low-profile design which makes it lower in height compared to normal latex pillows. The height measure for this pillow about 2" inches. This pillow is perfect for Stomach Sleepers, Stomach Layers, and Back/Side Sleepers who prefer sleeping with a lower height pillow. Also, helpful for petite people who need a lower pillow for a comfortable sleep. Medium FIRMNESS.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Memory Foam? Gel Filled? Latex pillows mixed with other TOXIC ingredients? Weird mixed wording and not sure if truly Organic or Natural? DON’T WORRY our pillow is 100% PURE NATURAL LATEX and contains no memory foam, no synthetic latex, dangerous off-gassing, or toxic chemicals.
  • TRULY RESILIENT & RESPONSIVE SUPPORT PILLOW: Ordered a pillow that flattens out after a few weeks!? We understand your struggle! We design our Latex pillows to keep its lofty support and with its bounce-back effect, it helps the latex pillow retain its form. Plus, it’s resistant to mildew and dust mite. A good investment that will last you for years to come.
  • HYPO-ALLERGENIC, ALLERGEN-FREE, PINHOLE DESIGN FOR COOLING, NATURAL LATEX COMFORT, TOXIC-FREE, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Sleep well throughout the nights without any problems or worries, sleep with peace of mind! =)
  • *INCLUDES 100% GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON PILLOW COVER*: Premium Cover and 100% HANDMADE in our Southern California Warehouse. Zippered cover for easy washing and reusing. The Organic Cotton Fabric comes from India and rests assure it is of high quality.