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100% Organic Dunlop Latex Pillow (Dual Zone) with Premium Organic Cotton Cover [GOTS & GOLS Certified]

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Size: Queen
  • No Polyester, No Blends, No Chemicals, All Pure Organic

  • GOLS CERTIFIED ORGANIC LATEX: Our all Organic Latex Pillow is made through a special dunlop process that results in the product being extraordinarily supportive, responsive, and springy yet still have that soft latex feel. Making them ideal for anyone suffering from head, neck, back, and spinal pain as latex pillows are known to better relieve pressure than other types of pillows. Perfect for back and side sleepers who prefer a slightly firmer supportive pillow.
  • DUAL-ZONE SUPPORT: Larger pin-holes in the middle for plushness, smaller pin-holes around the edges for proper support to neck and shoulders. A firmer zone along the periphery and slightly softer zone in the middle. This slight difference between the edges and middle offers additional comfort and support.
  • 100% ORGANIC LATEX PILLOW - This organic pillow is made of the latex which is extracted from the actual rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). The botanical-derived Latex is known to be naturally dust mite resistant, anti-microbial, mildew resistant, hypo-allergenic.
  • PROVIDES PERFECT SUPPORT TO HEAD AND NECK - Are made of organic rubber from rubber trees. This material is collected and processed using the more popular Dunlop process. They don't clump or compressed down and adjust to support the head and neck for spinal alignment support.
  • *INCLUDES 100% GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON PILLOW COVER*: 100% HANDMADE in our Southern California Warehouse. This organic latex pillow comes with a zippered cover for washing and reusing. The 100% Organic Cotton fabric comes from India and is of high quality.


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Size: Queen