Down Comforter Smells Like Wet Dog - Reasons & Solutions

Down Comforter Smells Like Wet Dog - Reasons & Solutions

Many of us must have been there before: You carry out all the steps from cleaning to drying as usual. Still, your down comforter smells like wet dog sometimes without you even knowing the reason.

So, where is the root of the problem, and what can you do to make that annoying odor steer clear of your sleeping nest?

In this post, we will discuss the answers to your questions with detailed explanations. Read on for more!

Down Comforter Smells Like Wet Dog

My Down Comforter Smells Like Wet Dog: Why?

Your down comforter smells like duck or wet dogs? This is a common occurrence when you dry clean your down comforter improperly. As a result, there will appear a moldy smell (usually similar to the odor of a wet dog) caused by the humidity of the comforter.

You may think a little moisture perhaps does no harm since it will eventually get parched one way or another. Let us tell you something: It can be catastrophic and end up damaging your comforter forever if you leave the situation unattended.

Moisture left in the comforter reacts with the proteins and oils in the feathers or cloth to create an environment perfect for fungus growth.

As such, the humidity helps these fungus spores grow and produce a displeasing wet dog odor that can progressively thrive stronger.

So when you smell something funny in your comforter, it's maybe time to come up with a proper care, or the unpleasantness can haunt not only your dream but also your well-being.

How Do I Get The Smell Out Of My Down Comforter?

Hang Under The Sun

If you are dealing with a drying problem, then the easiest way to address the odor issue is to get this process to become right again.

Your linen should be hung or put outside to air dry this time. Let it stay away from the closet, drawer, or any container (especially its plastic package), so you can reduce the irritating chemical musty scents.

Now, your job is pretty simple with the waiting and ignoring. Hang your comforter there for a few days, and you'll see a huge difference when it's ready!

Hang Under The Sun

Utilize The Fragrance Spray

Another temporary method of improving the comforter's disturbing scent is to spray the bedcover with some fragrance refresher goods.

The old smells will somehow disappear for new scents to come on the way. Don't worry if you accidentally overdo it because lessening the distinct odors is quite easy, too. All to do is cover it with a duvet, and there you go to adjust the fragrance whichever way you wish to!

But we do not really suggest this approach as a longstanding solution. As the humidity does not go away, spraying a new scent can only worsen the situation in the long run.

Washing Using Our Secret Instructions


  • Warm water
  • Stain stick
  • 1 cup of white vinegar, distilled
  • 2 pairs of tennis shoes in white
  • Mild laundry detergent


Step 1: Use a stain stick to treat any stains that might be the source of the awful smell on your goose-down comforter (if there is one). Before washing the comforter, leave the treatment to sit on the spots for about an hour or so.

In case no stains appear in sight, you can pass this step and move on to the next one.

Step 2: Pour warm water into your washing machine. Remember to select the delicate setting only.

Step 3: Add to the excess water a cup of white distilled vinegar and your usual dosage of mild detergent. Your cups of vinegar will take responsibility for casting aside the heavier aromas, while proper cleaning of the goose-down comforter will take care of any lighter odors.

Step 4: Put a pair of tennis shoes and your down comforter in the washing machine. We know the method may sound weird, but the down comforter won't clump up in any spot, thanks to this. Hold off till the wash cycle is finished.

Step 5: Place your pairs of tennis shoes and the down comforter in the dryer. Dry with the heat set to low.

Step 6: Get your down comforter hung outside on a clothesline for a couple of hours. As such, any remaining mildew smells will be eliminated by the fresh air.


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How To Dry A Wet Down Comforter The Right Way?

To prevent odd odors from sticking to your down comforter, drying is a vital procedure you should not misdo. Here are our suggested care instructions to get the most out of your drying process.

Step 1: Put the comforter in the dryer. Let it get through two or three medium/ low heat cycles to dry it out thoroughly. A little hint on the side: Adding a few extra big bath towels can assist in draining the extra clean water!

Step 2: Put in some tennis balls or a fresh pair of sneakers together with the comforter on the last dry cycle when it is almost dry to acquire a fluffy comforter. Remember to stay away from fabric softeners under any circumstances!

Step 3: Once your machine has dried out the comforter, put it outside to air dry under the sunshine for a day.

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Can Down Feather Comforter Be Washed?

Yes, the natural down filling like down feather comforter has the unique ability to be cleaned repeatedly, ensuring a long lifespan for your investment.

While washing a synthetic comforter might be challenging, one of the many advantages of organic down comforters is how smoothly they turn out once taken out from the washer.

How Often Should You Wash A Down Comforter?

A recommended frequency for cleaning your down hypoallergenic comforters is once every one to two years.

Yet, this frequency can be adjustable. Let's say your down comforter has a detachable duvet comforter cover that you can remove and get washed; then, it may not need such regular intervals to be cleaned.

Does The Down Comforter Disturbing Smell Go Away Itself?

No for old ones, and Yes for new ones. 

If the smell bothers you, just let new pillows air out for a few days before using them. Over time, the majority of the smell goes away naturally. It's normal for some types of feathers to retain a little smell, which might not go away entirely, though.

Does The Down Comforter Disturbing Smell Go Away Itself

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A heads-up: Don't rush to dispose of your linen when the down comforter smells like wet dog! Now, you know why and what you can do to handle the situation; eliminating the scents that irritate you should not be struggling anymore.

Hopefully, our article can be of great help to you. Don't forget to catch up with our latest updates! See you then.

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