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How to Wash Your Cotton Pillows

How to Wash Your Cotton Pillows

Here are easy and effective steps to consider when washing Organic Cotton pillows:

  1. Remove any pillow cases before washing, as they must be washed separately.
  2. Place no more than two pillows into the washing machine at a time to give it proper space to be washed.
  3. Ensure that the machine is large enough to fit two pillows. Typically, a 50-pound and above washing machine is recommended. Although there may be room to squeeze in pillows, that does not guarantee it's of adequate size. The machine should be large enough to allow free flow of water to avoid lumping.
  4. Add your detergent to the washing machine. It is recommended to add about a cup of the detergent with a small amount of fabric softener.
  5. Start your washer, run it with hot water and adjust your settings so that the washer goes through a 2nd cycle.
  6. After washing, place your cotton pillow into the dryer on a low setting.
  7. Don’t start your dryer yet! Pro-tip: get two tennis balls and stuff them into two clean socks. These tennis balls will help maintain your pillows’ fluffiness and help decrease drying time as they bob around in the dryer.
  8. Check your pillows - make sure they're fully dry. Though outer layers may appear dry, inner layers can be moist. If not dry, hand fluff the pillow and run through another drying cycle.
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