How To Wrap A Comforter - Easy Ways To Try

How To Wrap A Comforter - Easy Ways To Try


Bedspread, also known as a "comforter" by Americans, is often a special gift for holidays and birthdays. Many people think a bed sheet is a rather large item, so they do not know how to wrap a comforter as a gift or simply tuck it away. 

Below are useful ways to pack different comforter types. Let's follow how to wrap a perfect comforter.

How Do You Wrap A Bedspread?

How to wrap a comforter for gift? The difference between comforters depends on the ways of wrapping and decorating, and the sheet sizes and materials are also different. Here are tips to package comforters, quilts, duvets, and blankets as presents.

How To Gift Wrap A Comforter Set?

You can wrap a comforter set in wrapping paper and put it in the wrapping box. First, you need to roll or fold the comforter to fit the box size.

A comforter is made with an insulating material to keep warm, such as down, wool, or cotton, with cover sections, so it's usually larger than a quilt or blanket. Therefore, the gift box you choose needs to be ample to accommodate the comforter.

Next, you need to put a piece of gift wrapping paper inside the gift box and the comforter inside. After that, cover the comforter with wrapping paper to give the present an elegant look and close the lid of the box.

Then, you just need to use the ribbons to tie a pretty bow, and you are go to go.

How Do You Gift Wrap A Large Quilt?

Wrap It With Wrapping Paper

Wrapping an item in gift wrapping is always one of the top choices for any present. A large quilt is no exception. Its characteristic is thin, so the gift wrapping paper would be suitable as it can be folded neatly into the wrapping paper, not too big like bedspreads with padding inside.

To fold a cotton quilt, you first need to flip the short edge down 8 to 10 inches and lay the quilt face down on the floor. After that, you can divide the quilt into thirds across the width and the length.

Finally, insert the bottom half of the quilt into the upper folded half. The quilt is folded securely and won't slip out when wrapping the gift.

The next thing to do is choose a gift wrap that matches the quilt you just folded. The way of wrapping is the same as other ordinary gifts. Choose wrapping paper appropriate for the age of the person receiving it. If it's babies, choose a cute cover.

Wrap And Place It In A Basket

Putting your quilt in a decorative basket is one of the most popular and easiest ways to create a quilt gift. You just need to fold your weighted blanket to fit your basket. You don't have to worry about the blanket falling off because the basket will hold it.

In addition, fragrant bags and dried flower branches can be added to make the gift more cute and intimate. If your quilt is too big, fashion baskets of all sizes are available everywhere in home stores for you to choose from.

Wrap a Comforter

How Do You Wrap A Duvet?

Roll And Tie It With Ribbon

Most people use their duvet for colder months. It has a puffy shape and takes up a lot of space because it comes with cotton inside with a duvet cover. Thus, many people choose to fold and tie it with a ribbon.

First, you need to double or triple the duvet if its size is large. Then you can simply roll this cozy comforter from one end to the other, similar to how you roll your sleeping bag.

Finally, use a ribbon or yarn to secure and tie it into a bow. You can also insert a card into the duvet holder to make the gift more lively. So, your duvet gift wrapping is done.

Wrapping by rolling this up will help prevent more obvious wrinkles on the duvet than folding them.

Create A DIY Bag To Hold The Duvet

A DIY drawstring bag is a great choice for a duvet gift. After folding or rolling the duvet, you need to measure its length, width, and height to create the perfect bag.

Sew the bag with the drawstring and put the duvet inside. This type of comforter is usually designed with pastel colors, so you can choose fabrics of the same tone to make the bag.

You can put the duvet care instructions in the bag to help the recipient know how to wash the duvet.

How Do You Gift Wrap A Blanket?

Using Festive Fabrics Or A Decorative Box

Blankets are alternative comforters and come in a variety of styles and colors. You should use a festive fabric or decorative box to wrap these items as a gift. In addition, for thin blankets used to decorate the bed or on the sofa, decorative boxes are the best.

To fit the box, you need to fold the decorative blanket into a rectangle or square. You can also roll it up, but there will be gaps in the box. In this case, you can add a few other gifts like books or DIY embroidery.

If you wonder how to wrap a comforter set for Christmas, here is another easy option. Festive fabrics are another option for wrapping blankets, especially for Christmas or weddings, because these decorative cover motifs are mostly related to these occasions. 

Instead of using a ribbon to tie, you need to tie the ends of the fabrics together to fix the blanket.

Tips to Wrap a Comforter

Tie A Folded Blanket With A Bow

This present wrapping method is really simple and looks beautiful. It is the best alternative if you don't mind the blanket receiver unwrapping the present.

Everything you have to do is fold your blanket as you want, or you can fold it as folding the quilt and wrap a ribbon or scrap fabric over it to make a bow. It's advisable to pick the present packaging matching the blanket design.

This technique is one of the simplest since it involves no additional items.

How To Make The Comforter Wrapping Creative?

When preparing a blanket or comforter as a present, you should consider including extra features like microwaveable snacks and a Christmas picture.

Including the appropriate bedding brand and kind of fabric softener, laundry instructions, or storage solutions is also a great idea. It motivates the receiver to utilize the blanket rather than storing it.

You can also fold or mold the comforter into multiple forms to make it more creative. Form the blanket into a wool dryer ball, cricket bat, duck, or heart if you like. Besides, you can make some decorative pillows as accessories in the gift box.

An important element to highlight your gift is a comforter of good quality. Organic cotton comforters made from fibers derived from natural bamboo are always the first choice for organic sleep. The breathable and non-toxic material will give a good night's sleep for the giftee.


Now you know how to wrap a comforter. Overall, depending on the type of comforter, the gift giver can wrap them differently. You can use wrapping paper, decorative boxes, festival fabrics, or even a DIY bag to wrap your comforter into a beautiful gift. 

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