What Is Washed Cotton? - Why Choose Washed Cotton Items

What Is Washed Cotton? - Why Choose Washed Cotton Items

While shopping for bedding items, such as sheets or duvet covers, you may come across a material called washed cotton. This idea is foreign to many people, and it's possible that you are one of them. 

So, what is washed cotton? Let's learn more about this popular and amazing material and what it has to offer with this post!

What Is Washed Cotton? Or What's Cotton Wash?

What Is Washed Cotton?

What Is Washed Cotton? - Image Source: Pixabay

Washed, also referred to as cotton wash, is 100% organic and natural cotton fabric that has been pre-washed with enzymes to remove any synthetic components and maintain its delightful coolness. 

This is a unique type of cotton fabric. After that specific process, the texture and color of its surface become lighter and softer, and you can still somewhat feel the original material through the small wrinkles.

What makes the fabric created from this material special is that it does not easily deform or fade in color and does not need to be ironed. Additionally, some higher-grade washed cotton pieces come with an even plush layer, giving them a distinctive design feature.

Why Use Washed Cotton

Why Use Washed Cotton

Why Use Washed Cotton - Image Source: Pixabay

Extreme Softness

The fact that cotton is a naturally fluffy and soft fiber explains why our forefathers began using it to make clothing. When transformed and woven into the fabric, it creates the most delicate material available, making it the excellent choice for bedding items.

Choosing washed cotton for your bedroom item collection ensures you'll have a real snuggle-fest while you sleep, which is crucial if you want to be comfy.

Excellent Shape-Maintaining Ability

While cotton is certainly cozy and soft, it is also remarkably tough due to its thread count of up to 300. It is a worthy investment as 100% organic cotton may serve twice as long as synthetic textiles.

Additionally, washed cotton is less likely to wrinkle than regular cotton fabric. This implies that you won't need to take extra care to maintain its original form and quality.

100% Organic

Cotton is a natural fiber produced from plants that are spring-planted and fall-harvested. Since this is a natural fiber, you are not doing any environmental damage.

Compared to synthetic fibers, cotton degrades more quickly and completely since it is a biodegradable ingredient. Thus, you can discard the fabric even after it is no longer usable without having a significant negative influence on the environment.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Another reason you should switch to using washed cotton is that it is naturally hypoallergenic. As organic cotton is produced without the use of chemicals, it is less likely to trigger a reaction in those who are chemically sensitive.

In other words, it won't itch or irritate your skin and is, therefore, a better solution for those with sensitive skin; cotton sheets will improve the quality of your sleep.

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Differences Between Washed Cotton And Regular Cotton

Differences Between Washed Cotton And Regular Cotton

Differences Between Washed Cotton And Regular Cotton - Image Source: Pixabay


When using regular cotton bedding items for the first time after purchase, you could find that they are a little stiff. After a couple of washes, this stiffness will vanish gradually; however, it will take some time before it becomes completely soft. 

After washing, normal cotton typically also needs to be ironed since it might get messy and heavy wrinkles.

This is not the case with the washed cotton, as you can skip the washing step while avoiding experiencing the stiffness of the material. Since it has already been washed, you won't have to wait to appreciate its softness.

Maintenance Process

Although regular cotton is a fairly airy fabric, it is not a very durable material, leading to cotton's tendency to wrinkle easily. This means you will have to take special care of the fabric in order to maintain its state, including regular cleaning and ironing.

Since washed cotton can be machine washed and produces fewer wrinkles after each wash, it is easier to keep and steam than conventional cotton.

Tips To Clean A Washed Cotton Bedding Item Properly

Tips To Clean A Washed Cotton Bedding Item Properly

Tips To Clean A Washed Cotton Bedding Item Properly - Image Source: Pixabay

Taking good care of the fabric helps keep it in good condition and makes it last longer. To guarantee that your sheets provide you with the ultimate comfort level, keep in mind the following key points.

  • Your well-loved bedding should be washed separately from the rest of your clothes in the washer. This will prevent any pilling brought on by rubbing against other materials.
  • Avoid using hot water or high temperatures water because they will damage the fabric's natural fibers.
  • Set the machine to the delicate, hand-wash, or gentle cycle.
  • Use only half as much laundry detergent as you typically would for a full load to minimize fiber damage.
  • Say no to using bleach or bleach substitutes to prevent discoloration.
  • Use a low heat setting to dry your washed cotton bedding items so that you can keep them from shrinking.

People Also Ask

Is Washed Cotton Comfortable?

Yes. Washed cotton is extremely comfortable due to its weightlessness and softness. It will offer an airy and light touch when in contact with the skin, making it an ideal choice for everyone, even ones with sensitive skin.

Is Washed Cotton Breathable?

Yes. In fact, washed cotton is among the most breathable materials available on the market. This assists in controlling body temperature and ensuring luxurious comfort while sleeping. 

Cotton fabric is capable of absorbing our body's excess heat and moisture. Therefore, you won't experience any more nighttime awakenings that leave you feeling uneasy or cramped.

Is Washed Cotton Cooling?

Yes. Owing to the nature of the fibers used to make cotton, it has built-in breathability as well as the capacity to absorb up to 27 times its weight, which keeps you cooler. 

Simply put, the fabric can maintain its cooling throughout the night - a fantastic option for usage in the summer and in warmer climes.

The Bottom Line

What is washed cotton? Now you have the answer to this question. Due to the list of benefits that washed cotton brings, it would be a big mistake to miss out on this perfect material. 

Visit Organictextiles.com and get a bedding item made of this environmentally non-toxic material now. Your sleep and overall health will thank you later.
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