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What Should You Know About King Pillows On Queen Bed

What Should You Know About King Pillows On Queen Bed


After purchasing a mattress, choosing the right king pillow for your queen bed is important to your sleep quality every night. They also affect your health, personal preference, and sleep style. So, can you put king pillows on queen beds? Keep reading for further details in this article.

King Pillows On Queen Bed - Everything You Need To Know

Can You Use King Pillows On A Queen Bed? 

Yes, you can. King-sized pillows pair well with queen-sized beds. You can put them on your bed depending on your personal preference or sleep habits.

These pillows match very well with the size of queen beds without any space between them.

If you want to use them for better sleep, you can put them on a queen bed. Yet, you also change another pillow that you prefer or are suitable for your sleep style or health. The king-sized pillows are not for everyone, so various kinds of pillows will be suitable for different persons.

How Many King Pillows Should You Put On A Queen Bed?

Will two king pillows fit on a queen bed? Yes, they will. Normally, every queen-sized bed will include two king pillows. Yet, the number of king pillows for your queen bed also depends on your sleep style, personal preference, or the combination sleeper. You should put about six king pillows on your king size bed. 

Why Are Pillow Sizes Important?

Choosing king size pillows on queen bed that fit very well is important. King-sized pillows are 10 inches longer than the standard pillow sizes and 6 inches longer than the queen pillows.

So,  king-sized sleeping pillows can’t no way fit into standard-size pillowcases. Thus, you need to order them separately with the proper size to cover your pillows.

The right king size pillow on queen bed has a significant impact on your normal sleeping position and health. Specifically, the two king pillows are spacious enough for you to toss and turn at night, so it improves sleep quality.

A good and soft pillow of the right size will protect your head, neck, and even back to prevent pain. The right type of pillow is also crucial for spinal alignment.

How Do You Style A King Pillow On A Queen Bed?


This is a great option for arranging your king pillows on a queen bed if you don't want a lot of throw pillows or see them lying on the floor the next morning. You need to use four queen pillows with a big bolster.

Use neutral or white linen like silk pillowcases with an elegant color bolster. To perfect this look, put two pillows on your bed’s headboard. Arrange the following two pillows in front of them. You may change the two standard pillows with two new covers or euro pillows to make a new look.


This arrangement is suitable for a practical or funky bedroom design.  All you need are two king-sized pillows, two standard, and three accent decorative pillows (2 big and 1 small).

Put the two standard pillows leaning towards the headboard and stack the next two king pillows. Then, place three accent pillows with the smaller accent decorative pillow in the middle position.

Personal Preference

If you love the king bed pillows and put them on your bed, this popular choice is ideal. Prepare two larger pillows of king size, four standard or queen-sized, and two accent pillows.

To arrange them, lean two standard or queen-sized pillows against your bedhead. Continue placing the two king-sized pillows in the central spot before the rest of the standard pillows. Finally, use the accent pillows and put them in the front.

Replace the colorful accent pillows with square pillows or rectangular cushions if you love a classic look.

Tips For Choosing The Right King Pillows On Queen Bed

Before deciding on the pillow placement, stacking, or ordering, you should consider some criteria to pick the proper king pillows for your queen bed.

The first thing is measuring your bedhead. If your bedhead is more than 2 feet, it is ideal for a more rugged arrangement. If it is short, keep the pillows in a simple placement.

Consider your queen bed color and put the king pillows matching to your current bedroom color. Use the standard pillowcase size and cushion that are compatible with your theme.

Besides, you should consider the prices for custom bolsters and decorative pillowcases. Calculate the cost you must pay before ordering your products and ensure it is suitable for your budget.

We suggest choosing organic, natural pillows for the best quality and safety possible. These pillow types use organic quality materials, including wool, cotton, latex, buckwheat, or kapok fiber. They are safe without toxic chemicals and good for your health and sleep.

What Size Pillows Go On A Queen bed?

Do king pillows fit on queen bed? Now, you know the answer is yes. However, this also depends on various factors, such as the bed pillow sizes, which vary among brands. You can learn more about what common pillow sizes go on your queen bed.

The standard size pillows on the queen bed are 20x36 inches, but it also depends on their brand.

King size pillows or queen size pillows are 20-21 x 36-41 inches. So, king and queen pillows are perfect on your queen bed. 


The above article has provided you with everything you need to know whether you can put king pillows on queen bed. These types of pillows can be put on your queen bed in different colors and shapes.

Determining the right pillow size is a daunting task. Consider the useful tips in this article, such as bedhead size or sleeping style, to pick the best king pillows suitable for your budget, preference, and health.

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