When To Replace Down Comforter? Here Is An Ultimate Guide

When To Replace Down Comforter? Here Is An Ultimate Guide

When to replace down comforter? This is a popular question most people have if using it on their beds. A fresh and new down comforter will give you a healthy and nice sleep.  

That's why you need to know when to change your down comforter to get a better one for perfecting your bedding and sleeping. Should you replace it once a week, a month, a year, or more? 

Apart from replacement, how to choose the proper down comforter? What to do to care for your down comforter best? This article helps you get useful information about these queries. Read on!

Do Down Comforters Need To Be Replaced? 

The answer is yes. Changing your down comforter is essential since it may get smelly, sweaty, or dirty. Replacing it will help keep it fresh and clean for healthier and better sleep.

The reasons why you should change your down comforter

The reasons why you should change your down comforter-Source: Rawpixel

When To Replace Down Comforter?

You should replace the down comforter after about 10-15 years of use since it can not provide ultimate comfort anymore. But your bedding might not reach that benchmark, so here is a test to tell when to replace:

Test When To Replace

  1. Take the duvet cover out of the down comforter (if any)
  2. Hold your bedding up to the natural light.
  3. Spot any areas that let the light pass through it.
  4. If there are too many see-through spots, especially in the center, it’s time for a new one.

Another way is to check for wear and tear on the shoulder compartments. If they become abrasive or the cluster coming out of the shell, the down comforter has been past its prime.

Factors Affect When You Should Replace Your Down Comforter

The first thing is the bedding material that will decide if you should change the down comforter on your bed. 

Normally, a down comforter uses delicate down feather clusters and fluffy and light feathers from ducks or geese. These benefits give the sleeper breathability, comfort, and great warmth. 

Yet, the quality of these materials can go bad after using them for a long time. So, it’s best to replace the new down comforter or tog duvet to get healthy sleep.

Besides, you should change your down comforter if you find it to capture the dirt, sweat, and other harmful things when sharing your bed with your friends or other family members.

Remember, the old down comforter or dirty sheet set on your bed do no good for your health and sleep quality.

Factors affecting the down comforter replacement

Factors affecting the down comforter replacement-Source: Pexels

Guide On Choosing The Right Down Comforter For Replacement


First, you must distinguish between duck feather and goose feather down, the common materials for your down comforters. 

The goose-down comforter includes larger clusters and retains more heat. This is why this type is more prevalent at a higher price. You can easily encounter it as hotel bedding for great comfort and warmth. 

Duck down contains smaller tufts and gives less insulation. Thus, this down comforter is cheaper than goose down. 

You should note the shell material of the down comforters that come in various fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton, the most popular cotton shell. 

On another note, going for organic comforters is never a bad idea!

Warmth Level

Apart from materials, the warmth level is one of the key factors in deciding which down comforter to pick. 

To choose the right level of warmth, consider potential down duvet fill weight, which is the ounces of the down comforter, and fill powers - the material amount per ounce of fabric. 

Thread Count

Thread count indicates the fiber number woven together to make one square fabric inch. You shouldn’t choose a down comforter with over 800 threads.

Such a high thread count down comforter lasts a few years or a shorter time than one with a thread count under 800.


It’s best to seek the right-sized down comforter for draping over your bed by measuring the mattress sizes

Proper Maintenance

Remember that dry cleaning is necessary and useful to keep your down comforter fresher and greater.

Guide on choosing the right down comforter

Guide on choosing the right down comforter - Source: Flickr

Tips For Caring Your Down Comforter

A duvet cover is the simplest and quickest solution to keep a down comforter clean. It will protect your bedding item from stains, dirt, or body oils. Also, using a duvet cover set will keep your down comforter dry and clean for a cozy and comfortable sleep.

Cleaning a duvet cover using a mild detergent in the washing machine is easier than cleaning a full-down comforter.

Yet, duvet covers may decrease breathability and make your down comforter uncomfortable, especially for hot sleepers.  

You also need to clean bed pillows to prevent harmful substances and bacteria or sweat from penetrating your down comforter.  

After washing the down comforter, you must dry it completely as per care instructions to avoid negative impacts of moisture on your sleep and health.

You should give your down comforter a proper care

You should give your down comforter a proper care - Source: free images live

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How Long Does a Down Comforter Last?

It should last between 10 - 15 years. However, its lifespan will depend on three important things: material quality, construction quality, and proper care.  

Knowing how often to replace your down duvet is essential to keep your bed linen fresh and free of dust mites, harmful bacteria, and tough stains.

Once a week or once a month is the proper time to wash your down duvet for a comfortable sleep in your luxury bed at night. 

Should I Throw Away Old Down Comforter?

No, you shouldn’t. The old down comforter contains heavy and thick materials with a large size, so it’s not ideal for throwing it away. 

The disposal can contribute to increasing waste and make it harder to treat. Instead, sending it to recycling areas for environmental and health protection is better. 

How Long Do You Keep a Goose Down Comforter?

A good goose-down comforter should last at least about 5 years. But they can last longer than others if its materials are feather and synthetic. A white goose one may be more prone to wear due to its color.


When to replace down comforter? Now, you’ve got the right answer to this question. You can replace it after using it for about 10-15 years. However, testing it under the light is best if you use it regularly for your daily sleep. This will help you protect your health and sensitive skin. 

A new and fresh down comforter with special care is ideal for avoiding harmful bacteria, sweat, sickness, or other allergens.

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