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Natural Latex over Memory Foam

Natural Latex vs. Memory Foam

Memory foam is probably the most popular mattress material on the market today, but most sleepers don't know about a better option. Let's explore an eco-friendly alternative with some interesting advantages.

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Why "Made in China" is No Longer a Red Flag

Made in China label

You may have noticed the jarring inclusion of the “Made in China” label on our site. Why does an organic based company still sell products made in China? The answer is a quite simple.

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Natural Wool is Naturally Fire Resistant

wool Staying conscious of how your home goods are produced is as essential to health as diet and exercise. Standard bedding products are sprayed with harmful chemicals, so let's consider a material that doesn't require them in the first place. Continue reading

Choose Organic for Your Baby

baby in sheets

Though there are plenty of appealing colorful, vibrant, and patterned crib sets out there for your baby, gifting him/her an organic crib bedding set is seriously worth considering.

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How to Wash Your Wool Pillow

Pillows made of premium materials like natural Australian Wool require a more specific washing process to maintain the advantages of the natural fibers long term. Here are procedures on how to take care of your wool pillows. 

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How to Wash Your Wool Comforter

Washing Machine

There are some factors to take into consideration handling bedding made with wool fiber. Here are some tips on how to properly wash your wool comforter to ensure its long life and quality. 

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Care Instructions: Natural Bed Sheets


Materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and tencel have uniquely soft and luxurious qualities. A delicate touch is needed to properly take care of your natural bed linens and ensure their longevity.

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How Does Thread Count Work?

sheets up close

Thread count is an industry wide metric for the quality of sheets that is often misunderstood. Here we explore why thread count is only one of a number of factors to consider when determining the quality of bed sheets.

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Care Instructions: Bamboo Mattress Pad

bamboo mattress padYour new bamboo mattress pad is the key to getting the comfort and relief you need for a good night's sleep. Here are tips on how to take care of it to ensure its longevity.
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How to Wash Your Cotton Pillows

DryerYour fresh Organic Cotton pillow needs to be thoughtfully cared for to ensure it stays soft and fluffy for a long time. Here are some steps on how to properly wash cotton pillows.  Continue reading