Organic Pillow with Organic Cotton Cover

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About Organic Cotton Pillows

Thanks for purchasing healthy and eco-friendly natural alternatives from us. We are dedicated to providing the best organic and natural products.

Your product has been made using All ORGANIC COTTON which includes organic cotton inside and organic cotton fabric outside - A perfect blend. Other salient features & info is:

1. The Contents of these pillows are not treated with any chemicals. Big box store pillows are treated with chemicals to keep fiber bouncy. In the absence of these chemicals, organic pillows sometimes have a tendency to compact. This can be eliminated by a nice tumble-drying cycle.

2. Not treated with chemicals such as water repellant, crease recovery agents (formaldehydes) soil release agents or odorants. This will leave some raw cotton smell that is sate.

3. If your pillow feels compacted due to shipping compression, it can be fluffed up by manual fluffing followed by a fluff cycle in a drier for 20 minutes at low temperature.

4. Ensure the longevity and performance of pillow by avoiding washing it. We recommend to air it out for some time to maintain it. However, we recommend to wash the organic cotton cover with care and spot cleaning to ensure a longer lasting experience.

5. These pillows are provided with zippers to add or remove fiber to adjust height and firmness.