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Travel Size Pillow Organic Shredded Latex

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  • BEST CHOICE FOR TRAVEL PILLOW: This travel pillow is the perfect size for any travels (long or short). Perfect small size, throw on top of your luggage or travel bag without any over packing closing issues. A simple classic pillow design, no weird curves, or bending designs that make it difficult to carry around or fit into your luggage.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT / MINI-SIZED: Latex is a very light material, easy to grab and go! In a rush? Quickly grab this organic travel pillow and put it in your travel bag or stick it under your arms, unlike a memory foam curved designed travel pillow that creates more hassle and takes more time to put away.
  • ORGANIC AND HEALTHY: Made from 100% Organic Latex covered in All Organic Cotton Cover + 1 Organic Pillow Case for protection. A truly all-organic travel pillow, breath-in pure clean air during your travel.
  • NO TOXIC MEMORY FOAM CHEMICALS: The main ingredient in memory foam is polyurethane petroleum-derived by product, plus many toxic petrochemicals. These chemicals of gas and go straight into your body when breathing while laying or sleeping on a Memory Foam pillow. In the long-run, it can create serious health issues and worst case it can lead to cancer.
  • SHREDDED LATEX BENEFITS: Latex is well known in the organic bedding industry for offering superior natural healthy sleeping benefits. This travel pillow has all those great latex benefits as well, like great bounce-back form, head support/comfort, adjustable loft height, organic natural materials, and highly breathable. Get a healthy good rest during your travel, so when you wake up, you are ready to enjoy the rest of your trip!!!!!

For more on the benefits of shredded latex, check out our blog on Buckwheat vs. Shredded Latex Pillows.

Pillow Size

12 * 16* 5 inch.

  • Adjustable (Zippered)
  • Non-Adjustable (No Zipper)

Return Policy

Your happiness and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. If you are in any way dissatisfied with our product, Organic Textiles gives all customers the chance to return their product.

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If returned damaged/stained/used/washed we will charge customer a fee accordingly.
The refund will be the item price minus any additional fees (if applicable).
Refused Delivery: If the customer refuses the delivery, the customer will be charged.

Care instructions

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