Choosing the Right Pillow

Much like in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, some pillows are too hard, some pillows are too soft and some pillows are just right! Finding the perfect pillow is a very important aspect of our overall well being. When choosing a pillow, pick one with a chemical free fill. Pillows are made from a variety of products from memory foam to buckwheat. Some are made eco-friendly, from tree fibers, wool, down, cotton, and from latex.

Why is a pillow so important? Pillows have a tremendous effect on the quality of our sleep and how well rested we feel. The better our sleep, the better recharged we are to handle our day. The right pillow can do a lot of good for the body, mind and soul. The wrong pillow can make headaches worse, create neck and backaches, cause numbness in our shoulders and arms. A bad pillow can exacerbate other health conditions too.

Beware of Old Pillows

Old pillows can also be a health risk. Your unsuspecting pillow may contain old skin cells, mildew, mold, fungus and dust mites.

Generally it is good to replace your pillow with a new one every year to year and a half. After two years, a pillow is usually past its prime.

When you pick out your new pillow, think about your personal sleeping style and the position you sleep in. A pillow should keep your head in line with your shoulders. Your head shouldn't be too far forward or backward.

Your sleeping style and the right pillow

  • Back sleepers need flatter, thinner pillows
  • Side sleepers need firmer pillows
  • Stomach sleepers may not even need a pillow for their head or use a thin pillow. Tucking a pillow under the stomach will help avoid lower back pain
Types of Pillows
Pillows Stuffed With
Pillow Description
Type of Sleepers
What it Does for You
Pillow Care
Firm and contoured shape
Side sleepers
Good support for the neck and keeps your spine aligned
Hand wash warm water and mild soap, air dry
Flat pillow gets thinner over time
Stomach sleeper
Works for people with twisted necks
Cotton will shrink when wet. Spot clean with vinegar and water
Firm and made from sheep
Side sleepers
Gives good support for the neck and provides elevation for your head
Spot clean 1/3 vinegar 2/3 water. Can be fluffed in cool setting dryer with a tennis ball for about 15 minutes
Made from silky fibers of ceiba trees
Back sleepers
Softer than cotton, emulates down, is fluffy and little resistance
Machine wash 2 at once with warm water, gentle cycle. Dry with tennis balls
Come in soft, medium and firm
Best for stomach sleepers
Can be crunched into perfect position for your sleeping style
Machine wash 2 at a time delicate cycle, dry with tennis balls and let sit in sun
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