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How Often Should You Replace Your Comforter? How To Wash It?

How Often Should You Replace Your Comforter? How To Wash It?

How often should you replace your comforter? Do you have the answer to this question? If not yet, the writing below would be helpful.

There is comprehensive information about the frequency of washing and replacing your comforter and other stuff on your bed. You should also consider the tips provided to have a proper washing.

Comforter Review

How Comforter Affects Your Sleep Quality

In short, a duvet should be warm enough for you to have a tight sleep throughout the night. 

The experts advise that the temperature in your bedroom should be around 18°C or 65°F with a relevant duvet used for the current season. For instance, you should use the seven to 10.5 tog mattress for the winter. 

The filling of the bedding is designed to trap air and stay fluffy to provide you with warmth. Once it gets flat, it loses the fluffiness and warmth. In this case, you can decide how often to replace comforter based on different materials and how durable the product is. 

How often should you replace your comforter?

How Long Does A Comforter Last?

Of course, linen comforters’ lifespan is limited. Normally, a comforter can last for 15 to 25 years.

The differences in the longevity depend on these criteria: The sleeper's restlessness, how often the people lie on the bed, and the product's quality. 

How To Know If Your Comforter Needs A


How often should you get a new comforter? There is no exact answer for the frequency of changing the duvet sets. However, these steps will help you solve the question somehow:

  • Take out the duvet from the cover, then hold the fitted sheet up to the sunlight or light in your room. 
  • Pay attention to the compartments over the area pressed by the sleeper's shoulder. If the mattress is worn-out, they let the light through.  
  • As there is still some filling down in these shoulder compartments, you should compare them with other compartments in the comforter. However, your set of sheets still needs replacing within a few years. 
  • When it comes to the bedding's compartments with no remaining down, they offer no insulation value. 
  • After a couple of years of using the duvet, you can rotate it 180°; the shoulder compartments become the area you place your feet. This tip helps prolong the years of use.    

How Often Should You Replace Your Comforter?

Most people do not have the habit of washing their duvets regularly. How long should you keep a comforter unwashed? It is recommended to wash these bedspreads every couple of months or at least twice a year.

How Often Should You Replace Your Comforter?

Offering regular laundry to your mattress and bedding to maintain their hygiene and improve their durability. Or else, the fabric would last shorter due to the body oil and sweat of the sleeper. 

Additionally, there are hair particles, the buildup of dust mites, and dead skin cells harboring in the mattress. If you do not refresh the duvet properly, these mites and particles will cause allergies or asthma to the side sleeper, especially for sensitive skin. 

Firstly, the duvet cover needs weekly washings to guarantee its lifespan. Based on the frequency of use and the bedding materials, such as organic cotton, this product can be washed in different ways and lasts for a varied time. Meanwhile, buy a new cover when the fabric tears out.  

Secondly, the duvet would require replacement after five to 25 years. The exact answer to the question "how long should a comforter last?" depends on the level of use and the stitching's quality. 

However, most of them have certain durability as they do not have to support the head and body's weight much. Use a protective cover for this product to make it more endurable. 

Are you curious about how often to replace down comforter? There are always no apparent signs to indicate when you need to change the mattress protector. However, you should have it switched every two years for the best experience. 

Still, if there are any holes or staining before this recommended time, don't hesitate to purchase a new one. 

How To Wash Your Comforter Sheets

How To Wash Your Comforter Sheets

You can either dry clean or launder the down comforter. Particularly, it is advised to wash it at a minimum once a year.

When it comes to the bedding sheets, remember to use warm water. The water with a high temperature will remove the residue of allergens, bacteria and tough stains more effectively. But hot water will do more harm than good!

Besides, consider the care instructions and cautions on the manufacturer's label to apply the relevant washing method (manual or washing machine) for your mattress and bed linens as well as the highest temperature it can stand. 

It is personally preferable for you to wash throughout the fitted sheets. Not only can regular washing help maintain hygiene, but it also supports the sheets in keeping shape.

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How Often Should You Replace Other Bedding Accessories?

How often should you buy a new comforter? Now you know the answer, but besides knowing this, paying attention to other bed stuff replacements is necessary for ideal sleep.

Pillow: The pillow supports the whole weight of your head. A contoured pillow will help the sleeper avoid neck pain properly. This product should be replaced after one to a couple of years or at any time once it gets flat. 

Moreover, a pillow protector can help you reduce the chance of getting allergic to mite buildups

Sheets: Sheets and pillowcases are the things contacting your skin the most during the night. Thus, they tend to get worn-out more than other stuff. 

Unlike how long to keep down comforter, the dirty sheets need to be switched after around two years. It can last for one to three years longer with high-quality materials like luxury cotton.    


How often should you replace your comforter? We hope that you have got the desired answer. Choosing high-quality bedding, such as organic comforters, also helps you reduce the changing times. 

You can also apply some tips during your use time to avoid the bedding getting worn out such as showering before plonking on the bed, keeping pets away from your sheets, avoiding drinking or eating in bed, or going to bed immediately after putting on body lotion.

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