How To Fold A Comforter - Your Ultimate Guideline

How To Fold A Comforter - Your Ultimate Guideline

Many of you will think, why should you learn such a simple thing as how to fold a comforter. Yet it is not that easy. You may be able to fold any type of bedding, but the appearance afterward is what matters most.

Coming home from work would be refreshing and relaxing seeing a neat and tidy bed made up for you. Or else, you will need to store it somewhere if you’re not going to use it in the meantime. Let our article unveil everything you need to know about this interesting household technique!

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What Should We Keep In Mind Before Folding The Comforter?

Check If It’s Dry Yet

The lesson on how to fold comforter for storage starts with its condition. Folding it will be several times easier when it’s dry and warm. The hotness will prevent it from forming wrinkles. You shouldn’t leave it in your dryer for so long that it loses the ideal temperature.

Weight Matters

How do you fold a thick comforter for storage? Different thicknesses and weights require different techniques. Eyeball the size of yours and guess. There are much more techniques to practice regarding thinner blankets. But if yours are thicker comforters, keep reading until the end!

Consider Hanging

If you’re trying to avoid the question: how do you fold a comforter and tuck it, you can refer to this solution. Of course, you won’t be doing this with a normal clothing hanger but with one designed to hang those thick textures. They will be large and durable enough.

This solution has one drawback: collecting dust in your closet. Still, it’s easy to do and can maximize the airflow and breathability that folding can’t defeat.

Consider An Odor Eliminator

Keeping the comforter fresh so that next time you use it, you won’t have to clean it over again to get rid of a musty smell is a wise thing to do.

Although your linen closet is clean, there might still be some musky scent stemming from an unexpected thing or place that ruins your stuff. Here, you will need help from your odor-absorber. They are compact yet effective enough to make your closet odor-free.

These little gel pockets or bags will bring a fresh scent to your closet and your comforter, releasing your nervousness about having to do a load of laundry the next time you need them.

Stylish Touches

People like adding stylish touches by tying a robe hue or sturdy ribbon selection to show their decor style and make everything a little more special. Go to your local craft stores! They must have it all packed up for you to choose.

How To Fold A Comforter?

Once all the criteria above have already been checked, you’re more than confident to move to this section and learn how to fold comforter to save space! This one below is a one-size-fits-all method, even applicable for thicker comforters.


  • A clean surface, you can do it on top of your bed for more convenience.
  • Optional:
            +Bed pillows for decorating afterward.

            +Duvet cover or other bed covering to cover your finished product.


     -Find a dry and clean surface to carry out the job.
     -Flip your item to the long side and straighten it out. The short side should now be in front of your chest.
     -Take the two corners with your hands and fold two-thirds of the way.
     -Take the other side’s two corners and fold them to rest on top of the folded part. Now you will see a long burrito in front of you.
     -Take one end and fold it half the length of your burrito. Repeat with the other end.
     -Pack it away with your covering and add some touches. You can also leave it on your bed and add some decorative pillows.

How Do You Store A Large Comforter?

Now that you’ve addressed the query: how do you fold a thick comforter for storage?, it’s time to know where to store that finished product.

The storage place also affects how you will fold it, small or big, in a stack or to a rounded block, and smell of the comforter. Whichever storage solution you choose, make sure the storage place ticks all these boxes:


Your proper storage materials must be breathable. Storing it in your prepared bag is a good idea because it preserves the material integrity throughout the storing process. But you have to make sure the bag is breathable from its material. We’d recommend you choose cotton instead of plastic and other synthetics.

You can also use your box, duvet cover, bed sheets, or cotton sheet. In the case of using a box, it should be acid-free. Cardboard often consists of acid that can discolor and turn your bed linens to yellow over time. It's even worse if yours is a white comforter.

Hard-To-Reach Places

Spaces that are hard to reach are the best. Don’t choose those near drawers or shelves to store. You might accidentally ruin the shape you’ve spent time creating. It can also get dust easily as you will be using those spaces often, or your kids and kittens might ruin it.

Besides, why would you want to stack those practical spaces for something you won’t regularly use?

Choosing the space that you won’t regularly touch will make sure the folded item looks nice after a long time and prevent it from potential harm and dust. It will also allow more room on those near drawers and shelves!

Free Of Dust

Make sure your dry spaces are dust-free. Like storing anything else, keep in mind to wipe the space clean before placing your stuff in. Don’t be careless and think that it looks clean! There might be fine dust or those invisible particles that you can’t see with your naked eyes. Just ask the dryer!

Doing this will save your expensive goods from hazards such as mites or mildew. Once again, it’s always better to have some covering outside for extra protection, even if your storage space is enclosed.


With the help of our article, how to fold a comforter has never been easier. If you’re skilled enough or have done this a zillion times, you will fold bed linens in seconds. Wish you success with this technique, and have a comfy sleep!

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