How To Care For Wool Pillows? should we wash it?

Washing wool pillows can be a tedious process; however, the maximized longevity will be well worth the effort. Wool fiber is an excellent choice for pillows. It is completely natural, it has a temperature regulating ability to conform and adjust to different temperature changes, it has the ability to maintain its shape for long time with the proper care, and it’s completely breathable.

Preferable, we try to minimize washing. Here are some alternatives to frequent washing:

Frequently wash the pillowcase instead. You can also use dual covers if you’re still concerned about potential soiling.

If you prefer to wash pillows more frequently, consider alternative pillows that will hold better. Alternative fillings can be down alternative fibers, similar synthetic fibers with organic covers, organic cotton, or organic kapok.

Our favorite, however, are Eco-Friendly Wool Fiber products. These type of wool is washable, made specifically with specialized enzymes to wash off wool scales and surface materials that shrink and felt during the washing process.

Our favorites can be purchased at Well Living Shop and My Organic Sleep.

Here are some guidelines to follow when washing:

  • Follow label instructions. It may specify only spot cleaning or dry cleaning.
  • Avoid hot water and hot drying for an extended period. Basic wool fibers will shrink and felt in a normal wash cycle.  Hot water and hot air will accelerate this process, turning fibers lumpy.
  • Use large commercial size washers: 60 lbs are more to allow better water flow, preventing fiber lumping.
  • Select select wash with cold water
  • Use low temperature in large dryer.
  • Ensure the pillows are tumbling constantly without obstruction. (Throw in a tennis ball)
  • Avoid drying more than two pillows at a time.
  • Avoid running mixed loads.

With some extra care, wool pillows can be a worthwhile choice, and purchasing will be a large support for the organic and natural products community.

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