How To Clean Comforter Too Big For Washer- Instructions And Tips

How To Clean Comforter Too Big For Washer- Instructions And Tips


How to clean comforter too big for washer? Normally, people tend to take the oversized comforter to the laundromat when their washers are not spacious enough. 

However, by following this guidance, you can still manage to wash your bulky comforter at home without the help of a machine.

How To Clean Comforter Too Big For Washer

How To Wash A Comforter With Machines

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How To Wash Comforter In Bathtub

Step 1: Preparation. You will wash king size comforter by hand in a bathtub; thus, make sure you have sealed the drain and cleaned it. Fill two-thirds of the bathtub with warm water and add a fill cap of laundry detergent.

Step 2: Submerge the duvet. The best way to wash a comforter is to begin by submerging it. Soak the product thoroughly in the sudsy water and leave it for at least five minutes. During this time, the comforter will absorb the soapy liquid, and the moisture will soften the strains.

Step 3: Keep submerging. After a while, you are to remove the stopper for the soapy water to go down through the drain. Get a half-tub of cool water and let the duvet cover stay in it for around five minutes. You can repeat this step to rinse out the remaining soap.

Step 4: Finish washing. Let all the water in the tub drain away and rinse out the excess water from the duvet. Once the product is wrung properly, you will move to the drying process. 

Let the comforter air-dry by draping it across the fence or clothing line outside the house. The total time required is from one to three hours; you can flip the bedding halfway.


Tips For Effective Washing

Accurate Type Of Machine

Ensure that the space offered by your machine fits the duvet completely. Or else the product would get lumpy right after washing. 

For instance, if your washer is not spacious compared to the bedcover, there is not enough space for it to be rubbed thoroughly. As a result, the fabric will not be cleaned effectively. 

Moreover, let the machine do the washing automatically. Thus, its space and potential will be optimized.

Relevant Laundry Detergent

To guarantee the durability of the duvet and protect your skin, you are recommended to purchase mild detergents formulated with natural elements. If you go for those with chemical additives, these components will break down over time. 

Note that some types of fabric softener would lessen the comforter's fluffiness. Choosing the right brand or reducing the use of the fabric softener is beneficial.


There are two typical designs of comforter: the ones with and without removable covers. When it comes to the ones with removable covers, you can wash them whenever you change the bed sheets to eliminate the stains and body soil.    

Meanwhile, users should clean the duvets with no removable covers seasonally. You should increase the washing times if your pets are allowed to be in bed or a family member has recovered from sickness. Remember to wash the comforter before putting it in a storage place. 

Organic Cotton Comforter



What Do You Do If Your Comforter Is Too Big For Your Washing Machine?

As mentioned before, there are two ways to clean the duvet which does not fit your washer. You can take them to a laundromat and pay for the service. 

On the other hand, you can wash the bedcover at home by hand with the support of your bathtub. Consider the detailed instructions provided in this writing for DIY washing.

Can You Wash A Large Comforter In A Washing Machine?

It depends. Although some brands are selling big-sized washers to handle the large duvets, the common domestic type of this machine seems to not work proficiently on them. 

The capacity of the machine is not big enough to allow the bedcover to flip and be rubbed thoroughly. Furthermore, when the storage is not relevant, the fabric will get worn out faster.

If the comforter can fit and you are to do the laundry at home without technical assistance, these steps will help you handle this task properly. 

Step 1: Consider the washing instructions. The brand always prints the guidance for washing on their product's care label. 

Take a look at the information provided as different materials require distinct washing methods and conditions. Remember to follow the drying and washing temperatures offered. One tip for you is that organic comforters are machine washable.


Step 2: Prepare before putting in the washer. If there are any strains, you should pre-treat them beforehand to optimize their removal. Normally, the light strains can be handled with warm water. 

When it comes to the harder ones, you can add some baking soda to the water or use a gentle detergent to remove them. 

Rub the cleanser into the stained parts and let them sit for around 30 mins. After that, it is advised that you should gather four corners of the comforter to put it into the machine more easily. 

Furthermore, you can optionally throw some wool dryer balls or clean tennis balls along to fluff the duvet up.         

Step 3: Proper settings. Get the right options of temperatures and settings. Although warm water can work wonders for stain removal, it is recommended to use cool or cold water for washing comforter in whole. 

Lower water temperatures can reduce the fabric's shrinking and not  ruin the product's filling. Moreover, you should have a delicate cycle of washing.

Step 4: Pour the laundry detergent. Locate the right slot of detergent on your machine, which is usually in the middle or to the left of the top. Pour a full cap of the liquid and press the Start button.

Step 5: Drying. Most washing machines take from 45 to 60 minutes to finish a delicate cycle. Take out the duvet and put it in the dryer. Select the lowest level of heat before starting. It takes about an hour to 80 minutes to finish drying with a setting of low heat.   

Can I Wash A King Size Comforter In My Washer?

Fortunately, most king comforters are machine-washable, meaning that they can fit into your washer. The only criterion is that the washer needs to comfortably load at least 3.7 cu.ft to get the job done.


How to clean comforter too big for washer? This writing not only provides the fullest guide for this task but also gives you helpful tips to improve your laundry work.

Keeping the bedcovers clean is necessary to guarantee your sleep and health. Consider the information above to make your washing easier, even with bulky items like large duvets.

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