How To Fix A Melted Comforter- Tips For Enjoyable Rest After Work

How To Fix A Melted Comforter- Tips For Enjoyable Rest After Work

Coming back home after a stressful working time, you just want to plonk yourself down into a fluffy organic comforter. However, the melted and stuffy cloth bag can totally turn your mood down. 

Besides, the scorch marks on your light-colored blanket can also degrade the aesthetic and hygienic feeling of your bedroom space. That's why we’re here to tackle the riddle: how to fix a melted comforter

Let's warm up with this issue's reason, then discuss the fixation methods and effective laundry. 

Can A Comforter Melt?

Yes, of course.

The bedsheet was previously affected by the washing machine's temperature and water mode setting.

Suppose you skip a few steps before delivering it to the dryer. In that case, a feather-filled cloth bag may be scorched or experience deformity during being dried, especially in the moderately capacious machine.

The comforter melting can be seen as the response of the blanket material to the high heat effect inside the dryer.

Why Did My Comforter Burn In The Dryer? 

The incompatibility between the duvet cover's size and the dryer's capacity can be thought of first. Trying all effort to stuff a king size comforter into a medium-sized dryer causes the machine to be overloaded. 

Dryers inherently work with high heat. The workload beyond its capacity will lead to overheating. And as a result, both the blanket and the dryer will be damaged or burnt. 

In addition, you should also review whether you set the high heating mode or not. No matter your bedspread's fabric material, it possibly gets burnt or even melted due to the scorching temperature.

Alternatively, you may have accidentally dried an already dried bedspread and warmed it on high heat for a while. This mistake will significantly reduce the comforter's inner humidity.

It not only causes scorched marks but also shrinks the product.

From there, your favorite feather-filled blanket can lose its original softness. And now you can realize the answer to the concern: why do comforters get lumpy?

How To Fix A Melted Comforter?

We will give you some solutions to help you get rid of the stubborn scorch stain.

Hydrogen peroxide can be your savior. In addition to its well-known antiseptic properties, this liquid can also act as a stain remover. 

After mixing hydrogen peroxide with warm water in a ratio of 1:6, soak your nice comforter within 25-30 minutes. The scorch marks will gradually fade away. Finally, you can take it out and wash the comforter again in the washing machine. Check our collection of Organic and All Natural Comforters

However, this way may only be suitable with the small and medium-sized duvet or comforter. It is quite hard to find a round container fitting the king-sized bedsheets.

So you can apply another remedy with hydrogen peroxide. Soak a white cloth in the 1:6 mixture, cover the stain marks, and iron it. The heat effect from the iron will recover your comforter from scorched marks.

How Can I Fix The Burnt Comforter?

Besides hydrogen peroxide solution, you can also use other reliable cleaning items. You can use borax powder combined with warm or lukewarm but avoid the hottest water. You can also utilize vinegar which is a natural and safe cleaner. We recommend a mix of vinegar, water, and laundry detergent. 

Let's dip a white cloth, a clothing brush (soft-bristled brush is recommended), or a sponge into the mixture and rub it on the entire stains until they vanish.

How Do You Fix A Crunchy Comforter?

Comforter becomes lumpy after being warmed, reducing your sleep quality. So how to fix comforter stuffing and take the most enjoyable rest? We believe that our suggestions can be considered effective.

Shake It Out

Do not rush to spread the feather-filled blanket on the bed immediately after drying. Grasp the blanket's edges and shake gently about 5-7 times. The wave motions created will help the feather-stuffed parts expand. However, this approach can cause hand fatigue for huge comforters.

Directly Fix The Stuffed Parts.

Or you can directly use your hands to tackle: how to fix the stuffing in a comforter. Look for the lumpy sections and friction in this area with your hands. The effect of force and heat from palms will cause the feathers to be spread evenly in the comforter's intestines.

Hang On The Clothesline

Wash the bed comforters with liquid detergent (powder detergent can make your item dryer). Then you can use the traditional drying method by hanging the comforter on an outdoor clothesline. 

Natural sunlight not only softens the sheet but also kills harmful bacteria or mold. 

Use Tennis Ball/Dryer Ball 

It sounds unbelievable, but the tennis ball is actually an assistant for "how to prevent lumps in the comforter".

The interaction between the ball surface and the blanket will minimize the lumps in the machine. Let's try to add 2-3 tennis balls into the dryer, and you can look forward to a fluffy comforter.

How To Avoid A Melted Comforter?

Choose A Suitable Comforter

Choosing an item made from durable materials is more worth trying than ever. Invest in an organic comforter to make sure blankets don't get melted or stuffed by the dryer's impact.

Unlike synthetic or man-made materials that are sensitive to heat, the organic wool comforter is more eco-friendly, safe, and tough. In particular, the organic comforter is rarely ruffled when in contact with laundry detergent.

Maybe you have not known that wool comforters - the natural fibers that are natural flame retardants. It boasts a self-extinguishing property, so it will not melt even if you dry within high heat mode, and it will not stick to your skin.

From there, you not only enhance the comforter's longevity but also avoid skin allergies to the unsafe fabric type.

How To Wash And Dry The Comforter Effectively?

Check The Dryer's Capacity With Your Comforter's Size

As we have already shared, if an oversized or heavy comforter stuffs the dryer cage, it will lead to overloading and overheating. In case you do not have a large-capacity dryer, please have the laundry service do the cleaning process for your bedding. Or you can even contact to a professional cleaner for recommendations

Commercial Dryer

Regarding how to fix the stuffing in a comforter, why don't you take the commercial dryer into consideration?  

Compared to residential dryers, commercial models own higher power, capacity, and airflow. This machine is born for heavy-duty workloads, so oversized bed sheets are no longer a problematic issue.

Once you invest a budget for a commercial dryer initially, you can save for bedding replacement or laundry service afterward.

Low Heat Setting

Finally, don't forget to adjust your heat mode to a moderate or even the lowest dryer level. Otherwise, your blanket will dry out and reduce its softness.


Washing and drying are very important in the comforter cleaning process. We summarized tips to make your laundry more efficient and provided easy, simple methods to remove burn marks from clothing. By that, you must have known how to fix a melted comforter properly and other related issues.

Applying our methods will help you reach the most comfortable rest during bedtime.

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