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How To Keep Duvet In Place – Top 3 Simple Methods

How To Keep Duvet In Place – Top 3 Simple Methods

Everyone has experienced the tug-of-war that may occur in bed when their duvet slips down under their duvet cover, leaving them with cold or uncomfortable bed patches. Let us show you how to keep duvet in place.

What Is A Duvet?


Duvet - Image Source: My Organic Sleep

A duvet is a decorative top covering of bedding that keeps the sleeper cozy and warm. The French word "duvet" (which means "down") refers to the feather material from ducks and geese.

Unlike duvet covers or coverlets, which are marketed together, duvets are intended to be an insert. As opposed to a comforter cover, which may require a whole set, these sheets can be mixed and matched with other bedding. In most cases, they are warm enough to eliminate the need for additional blankets and sheets.

Why Your Duvet Won't Stay In Place

Why Your Duvet Won't Stay In Place

Why Your Duvet Won't Stay In Place

Suppose your duvet won't stay in place; it is most likely because of the improper fitting. An unfit duvet will tend not to sit still but keeps slipping back and forth. Your duvet is also prone to slip when the fabric material is overly slippery (common with synthetic materials).

Still, sometimes the source of this problem lies in the users. You may pull the cover over the duvet when you toss and turn. In this case, nothing holds the duvet and cover together, making them move and not in place.

How To Keep Duvet In Place

How to stop duvet moving in cover? There are a few ways to prevent this issue from happening.

Use Duvet Grips Or Clips

Use Duvet Grips Or Clips To Keep Your Duvet In Place

Use Duvet Grips Or Clips To Keep Your Duvet In Place

How to keep my duvet in place? The simplest way to ensure your duvet stays in place is to use the duvet grips or clips. These additional clips can be crucial with heavy inserts that struggle to stay in place. A particular kind of clip is best suited for each kind of insert.

Metal duvet grips are the go-to choice if your insert is big and heavy weight. Even when you pull the covers roughly while sleeping, these clips will still hold everything in place.

Suppose you don't require such robust clips; you can use a duvet pin or grip. The grips function by cinching together with the fabric in between them, whereas the pin comes with a hole that punctures the sheet, then twists into the opposite. This is an excellent method on how to keep a duvet in place without ties.

The latter option will secure everything, but it risks destroying delicate materials. On the other hand, the former solution is fantastic if you want a hidden solution.

Install Ties

Another traditional method to secure your duvet is to add ties to the interior of the cover. For this DIY project, you don't have to be a sewing master because the work won't be seen when your cover is turned to the right size. You will need to prepare a piece of cloth, duvet corner ribbons, as well as a thread and needle.

Here are the steps on how to keep duvet cover in place.

Step 1: Flip the inside of the duvet cover over.

Step 2: Cut a thread of about 10 inches long, fold it in half, and then thread your needle with it for extra strength.

Step 3: Put your duvet cover's corner in the center of the ribbon, then sew it there.

Step 4: Tie off the thread and cut the excess to complete your stitching. And you are done!

Velcro And Grommet Installation

Installing Velcro And Grommet Can Prevent Duvets From Slipping

Installing Velcro And Grommet Can Prevent Duvets From Slipping

Grommets are metal rings commonly utilized for stitching several duvet fabric materials. They have several various finishes and are sturdy and long-lasting. Combining them and Velcro strips can prevent your duvet from moving around. Here is how to get duvet to stay in place.

Step 1: Measure and mark its location on the duvet's exterior and interior, respectively.

Step 2: Punch the holes that are slightly smaller compared to the inside of the grommets. Notice that if these holes are larger, your grommets can't hold well and will fall out.

Step 3: Insert the grommets and hammer them hard so that they will stay in place.

Step 4: Sew your double-sided Velcro strips into the inside of your duvet cover.

Step 5: Lay the duvet cover on the floor while it is still inside out and on top of the duvet. Attach the Velcro strips through the grommets.

Step 6: Flip the cover out. Shake the edge and adjust the corner to make everything nicely flat inside the cover. And this is also how to keep comforter in duvet.

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Why Does My Duvet Move Inside The Cover?

In case your duvet keeps moving inside the cover, the reason is that the duvet cover is too big or the duvet's fabric is too slippery (common with synthetic materials). So, finding the correct size and avoiding synthetic cover is how to keep duvet from shifting inside cover.

Do Duvet Clips Work?

These clips function the same way as normal comforter clips. Simply take each corner of the duvet as well as the cover and clip the fabric together. To get a neat and even look, remember to place the two sheets in line on top of one another before clipping.

How Do You Secure A Duvet Without A Loop?

How does a duvet cover stay in place in the absence of loops on the duvet? Just tightly wrapping the ties around each corner of your duvet will do the work. Or, you can make them on your own by sewing some ribbon strips into each corner of your duvet.

The Bottom Line

So there you have our guide on how to keep duvet in place. With the methods we showed above, you will no longer have to deal with slipping and sliding problems. Apply these tricks now and enjoy your comfortable bed. Also, visit to find yourself a soft and comfortable duvet.
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