Valentines Day Gifts


1. Bathrobes

This Valentines Day enjoy some quality time with your significant other in these super soft bathrobes (for both men and women). They are made with GOTS CERTIFIED 100% Organic Cotton. Single? Grab a few and have a spa Galentine's Day with your friends!


2. 100% Talalay Latex Pillow

Have a crush that you want to impress this month? Look no further!! Whether you're the guy or girl giving the gift this year, this gift will make any person happy and definitely make the experience unforgettable😊. They are super soft, bouncy and cooling to sleep on. Get a pair for you and your loved one or gift it to your crush for a perfect V-Day gift!


3. Bath Towels

This year set the mood for the 14th ahead of time with our GOTS CERTIFIED Organic Cotton Bath Towels. Super soft, thick and highly absorbent. These towels will last you longer than other conventional towels. They are skin sensitive and excellent for your skin. Plus, it will make your home a greener home with less toxic chemicals around.

All the above are great reasons to give this to all your loved ones, dearest friends or family members this February. Let them know you cherish them!


4. Bedsheets

Believe it or not, the bedding you select is one of the most critical parts of your overall bedroom décor. It is the first thing your partner notices when they glance over at your bed. Usually, silk and satin sheets are the perfect bed sheets for your bed because of their comfort and sexiness. However, silk and satin may be a little too costly. Try 100% Organic Cotton GOTS CERTIFIED Bed Sheets. They offer an amazingly soft feel and comfort at a relatively affordable price. And when you factor in the health benefits of Organic Cotton, you definitely can’t go wrong! Don’t forget to choose romantic colors!

5 Bedroom Improvements for Valentines Day pic 2


5. The Usual

And of course, don’t forget the flowers, chocolates, and champagne!


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