Why We Need Mattress Toppers or Pads

In many cases the warranty on your mattress becomes void if the mattress is soiled or stained. Mattress toppers and pads can be a warranty saver among many other benefits.

Protection. Mattress toppers and pads can protect from spills, stains, accidental rips or tears, the stitching along the seems of the mattress–all increasing the life and durability of mattresses.

Comfortability. Mattress toppers and pads can provide an element of comfort for the existing mattress by changing the softness or firmness of bed according to preferences.

Breathability and Insulation. In cold weather, mattress pads can act as insulation to keep warm or moisture wicking to help keep you cool during the summer.

Prevents Slippages. Yes, we’ve all had that problem where mattresses will slip too far off the bed. A mattress pad is typically deep enough to cover both the mattress and the topper or the mattress and the spring-box. This will protect the mattress from further wear and tear from friction.


A Mattress Pad is recommended if you suffer lumps and bumps while laying down on your bed

How does your mattress feel? Is it lumpy and bumpy? Too firm? Not enough? Think it can be better?

Here at Organic Textiles, we love mattress toppers and pads since it can give the extra oomph needed for a bed.

A great example of this type of pad would be the Multi-zone Latex Toppers because it offers 2 different zones. This has been a best seller, a customer pick, and is truly unique in its construction.

Check out our quality latex toppers here.

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