With your full size bed, can a Twin XL Comforter fit?

With your full size bed, can a Twin XL Comforter fit?

When choosing to buy a new comforter or duvet for your bed, it is essential that you can get something breathable, cozy, and comfortable. Besides, one of the most boggling question is the comforter's size. So lets discuss the main question, Can a twin XL comforter fit a full size bed?

Answering the query will be very helpful since you want to have something that fits your bed nicely, not too small to cover or not too big to drag on the floor.

Can A Twin XL Comforter Fit A Full Size Bed?

What Is The Size Of A Twin XL Comforter?

Mattress sizes in the U.S. are standard, but unfortunately, it is not the case with comforters. There is no strict rule for their sizes, as different manufacturers and bedding companies will offer slightly different dimensions. 

However, there is a guideline for the most common size chart. Though not standard, most of your average bedding dimensions will follow it. Even if your chosen brand does not snuggly match, we will provide some tips so you can see if it can fit.

For informational purposes, below is the typical sizing for bedding and standard mattress size. Measurements are in inches.

Bed Size

Mattress Size

Fitting Comforter Width

Fitting Comforter Length





Twin XL












King (Eastern)




King (California)




Will A Twin XL Fit A Full Frame?

As you can see in the chart above, a twin XL will generally have a dimension of about 68x90 inches wide to accommodate the twin size bed.

However, the full bed is much wider at 54 inches wide compared to the twin comforter with 38 inches wide. As a result, your twin size comforters may be long enough for a full frame, but unfortunately, it won't be wide enough for the bed.

If you are splitting hair, a twin XL is also 2 to 4 or even more than 5 inches longer than a full bed, depending on the brand, so it can be too long. Of course, a little bit of length will cause little trouble compared to the width difference as explained above.

Not to mention when choosing a comforter size, you also have to account for the corresponding size mattress' thickness. The above chart is suitable for a mattress of 9 to 12 inches thick, which is the typical dimension for most models you will find on the market.

As a rule of thumb, if the mattress is on the thicker side, you may want to size up and opt for an oversized comforter to cover the sack fully. Similarly, for a thinner mattress at 6 to 8 inches with a flat sheet, a lower-sized comforter to prevent it from falling to the floor is the way to go.

Is Twin XL Comforter The Same As Full?

As the chart above explains, a twin XL needs to accommodate 38x80-inch mattresses, while the full comforter size has to fit a 54x75-inch one. So, a twin XL is much narrower compared to a full.

Consider this: a twin XL is more suitable for taller, single sleepers who are well over 6 to 7 ft. However, it only has an area of 3,040 square inches, which makes it much narrower compared to a 4,050-square-inch full mattress with extra space. It is more suitable for a narrower room like college dorms and tight budgets.

The narrower width makes a twin XL work well with a single sleeper but is not a good choice if you want to share a bed. On the other hand, a full mattress and comforter usually have a higher price and are well-suited for a shared bed but might be too short for taller sleepers. Provided that you have a tight budget, a twin XL is likely the nearest alternative for a full, but don't expect it to fit your mattress. 

What Size Comforter Fit A Full Size Bed?

Buying a comforter is very tricky, especially a for full or queen bed. More often than not, most manufacturers will be in two minds between full and queen comforters, so they can sell products of the same dimension. 

In reality, a queen size comforter covers about 4 inches wider and 10 inches longer than a full. So, if you buy a queen-sized one for a full bed, you will have the edges falling to the floor, except if you have an extra-thick mattress to offset that bigger dimension.

It would be best to make sure that the dimensions you are looking for at least fit the corresponding mattress’ measurements above. 

Similarly, if you choose a twin XL for a full mattress, it will be too narrow and can't cover the sides. 

Of course, you also need to remember that not all products have the same dimensions. Some manufacturers will produce a much wider mattresses for a queen or king bed to accommodate a thicker pillow-top mattress that is popular now. Your best bet would be to consider the actual dimensions for a standard measurement in most cases and consult your sellers if needed.

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Are Full And Twin Comforters The Same Size? 

In short, a full and a twin XL don’t come with the same dimensions. A Twin XL is likely 8 to 10 inches wide smaller than a full, so it's not the best decision to choose a twin XL comforter for full bed frames.

How about the other way around? When you have a full-size comforter and a twin XL mattress, you can still live with it, as a wider dimension is often much easier to deal with than a narrower one. For example, if you have excellent sewing skills, you can use either a sewing machine or hand to stitch the extra part to make it narrower. 

This choice is, hands down, not for beginners, and you don't want to ruin the product.

A more straightforward way is to find out how to hide the overhang. Suppose you can accept the overhang and center it well enough to balance it on both sides, then great. Another way is to arrange your bed next to a wall and tuck all the extra width to the wall to become less noticeable.

However, this only applies if the product doesn't have a central line or symmetrical patterns to make it less appealing when being off-centered.


We hope the article is sufficient to answer your question regarding can a twin xl comforter fit a full size bed. The answer is a bit disappointing as the width of the comforter is insufficient to put on a full-frame sack.

Overall, you should choose the most suitable size for your mattress to have the most comfortable and appealing look.

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