Find out which topper "zone" is perfect for you

What are “zones” in a mattress topper?

Different “zones” means different densities, tension, depth, or firmness at different parts of the mattress–ideally to conform to the natural curvatures of our body and provide better spinal alignments. (1)

What you want depends on how you sleep and your body size.

Reversible (or Dual) Mattress Zones




Without question, versatility can be a money saver. 

The Dual Zone Mattress topper is one of our customer’s favorite because it serves as a good introductory topper for experiencing different firmness.

They’ve reported this topper to be more pronounced between all the other multi-zoned toppers–as the nuances aren’t noticeable to some.

We at Organic Textiles LLC love creating versatile and practical products. In our experience, this  is a more favorable option for comfort and convenience.

All it takes is a flip to change, which is convenient for a change of pace or to cater towards the health of backs.

Dual Zone Mattress topper can be found at My Organic Sleep, Well Living Shop, and Amazon



Two Mattress Zones

Soft Firm
Head and chest lower back, hips, and legs


The two mattress zones offers a softer zone from the head to chest area and a firmer zone around the lower torso, hips and lower.

This mattress is recommended for those with larger shoulders or chest in relation to the hips as the softness and support is focused on the upper part of the body. (1)

Therefore, if you face any lower back or hips problems this mattress is not recommended for you. 

If you are someone with a larger shoulder or chest this mattress can be incredibly beneficial for you. 


Three Mattress zones

Soft Firm Soft
Head, neck, shoulders Hips



This one has:

  1. Softer zone for your head, neck, and shoulders (and must be supplemented with an appropriate pillow to reduce neck compression, depending on how you sleep.
  2. Firmer Zone for your hips
  3. And a softer zone for your legs.

Having three zones provides greater support for body curvature and caters towards many different body types.

Five Mattress Zones

Firm Soft Soft Firm
Soft Firm Soft
Head and neck Shoulders Hips Calves Feet


This uses the three zone fundamentals, but also utilizes a wider range of firmness and softness to accommodate better for the different curvature of the body.

 This tends to be more specific and is best to test before committing.

Seven Mattress Zones




















Head and neck Shoulders Lumber (spine) Pelvic Knees Calves Feet


This mattress topper can increase in costs as it is more thick to accommodate to different zones.


At Organic Textiles we pride ourselves in keeping customer comfort our top priority). 

A 7-zone mattress topper can be found at at


Egg crate (or Convoluted) Mattress Zone Topper

This mattress pad is the most economic.

This type of mattress pad was originally designed to decrease the pressure on the skin, improving blood flow, and preventing sores for those that are bedridden.

Fun fact: one of the most common questions is what side does the egg mattress topper go?
The answer is either way, but people tend to use it with the bumps facing the ceiling.


In the end, it is highly recommended to try out the different types of mattress toppers in person, as it may vary from different body types.

Again, it’s important to be diligent when shopping for your bedding materials.

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