How Much Does Pillows Cost - 7 Most Common Products

How Much Does Pillows Cost - 7 Most Common Products

How much does pillows cost? Different pillows offer different prices based on their standard size, design, material type, quality, firmness levels, brand, the sleep position it's meant for, and so on.

We all know countless perils of using the incorrect pillow and getting drained of energy the day after. It's best to go for buying pillows good enough to contribute to the preferred sleeping position for all types of sleepers, even combination sleepers.

Let us lend you a hand with seven high-end options. Stay tuned!

How Much Does Pillow Cost?

How much do pillows cost? The pillow prices vary based on the materials. Here is a list of 7 products in total:

  1. Polyfill Pillows

Standard Pricing: $10 - $85

A perfect pillow is made from polyfill and gets stuffed with polyester.

You can get a poly microfiber or a down-alternative pillow, two more names for this class. Notably, a down-alternative fill is suitable for people who suffer from allergies, combination sleepers, and back sleepers. It doesn't include any materials triggering allergies.

This comfortable, machine-washable pillow is the easiest to clean. Polyfill pillows are on par with the cotton pillow quality, helping you sleep better. Go for the qualified breathable cover as well.

The price of this machine-washable pillow comes in an average price range of $10 - $85 - inexpensive generally.

2. Latex Pillows

Average Price Range: Around $150

As the name suggests, they are formed from latex with a breathable cover. This option is for you if you find an item made from synthetic fibers or natural latex with king sizes.

The rubber tree is the source of natural latex, while various chemicals are used to produce artificial latex.

Latex pill manufacturers may use synthetic fiber and natural latex of king size for their bedrooms. We have observed that organic latex pillows are the most enjoyable, with no head and neck pain worries, even shoulder pain. Also, it’s great if you often sleep on your side.

While more comfortable, a latex item is heavier and more pricey than other options. Still, the range of prices being about $130 didn’t make them less appealing.

3. Feather Pillows

Average Price Range: $25 - $50

There is a strong familial resemblance between feather pillows and their more well-known cousin, the down pillow. Different ones with kind sizes are mainly formed from down and feathers, but both come from birds.

Like down products, these cooling pillows lose their loft and become flat after prolonged use.

Manufacturers of breathable materials incorporate it into their products to slow down this deterioration. Feather items are soft, pliable, and easy to shape.

They are moisture sponges like down ones, resulting in pain and, in some cases, a lingering odor. These bed pillows may be purchased for around $25 to $50, about one-third of a latex pillow’s price.

4. Down Pillows

Average Price Range: $80 - $260

Comfortable pillows stuffed with down, one of the fluffiest and coziest fillings available, are among the most widespread types available.

Try one that allows air to circulate and is soothing to the touch. Despite being comfy, these items tend to flatten out rapidly, so you'll need a lot of filling to get them to their original or even king sizes.

Additionally, they are not a wise option for perspiring users since they do not absorb moisture. It negates the purpose of buying products if they can't be used comfortably by the buyer.

Also, there's a likelihood that those with severe allergies shouldn't use these expensive pillows. The standard pillows are generally delightful, with prices falling between $15 to $260.

5. Cotton Pillows

Average Price Range: $50-$100

It’s for you if you’re seeking firmness options. A pillow made from cotton is a versatile and popular choice with its softness. Though a wide range of sleepers with various sleep patterns can use them, they can't shape or conform to the body the way a feather or memory foam can.

Natural plant fibers are used to create organic cotton pillows. Cotton cover is similar to wool but thicker, firmer, and stiffer. Owing to its firmness levels, it may be an excellent pillow filling because it doesn't shift about as much.

They are breathable, natural, fluffy, softer pillows, and simple to maintain. The choice for most people costs roughly $70.

6. Memory Foam Pillows

Average Price Range: $50 - $150

A pillow that offers the same viscoelastic polyurethane foam used in sofas, couches, and mattresses. Polyurethane can adapt to the force exerted on it. You'll be into this option if you often get stuck in finding a comfortable sleeping position or sleep patterns. You can also alter your old pillow with a shredded foam pillow.

Back discomfort and misalignment of the spine are two common complaints, but no experts show worries about these two conditions with this product. Memory foam is a great invention, but its materials are not hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and breathable.

A memory foam pillow has volatile organic compounds that cause an unpleasant odor, and many online reviews reveal that they cause users to sweat excessively.

The standard pillows can come in multiple forms, such as shredded foam or multi-form. These expensive pillows cost from $50 to $150.

7. Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo Pillows

Average Price Range: $50 - $150

This type of pillow’s main element is bamboo, as its name suggests. Still, standard practice dictates that the items be referred to by their fillings, not the pillow cover. Combining a bamboo shell and filling makes for better sleep in any sleeping style.

Given that bamboo is such a novel substance, an ideal pillow created from it is inherently antimicrobial, meaning that bacteria, fungus, and dust mites are tricky to establish a foothold on, causing no allergy. These organic bamboo pillows share the same hypoallergenic properties as the others mentioned.

Their merits, firmness levels, and unique pillow design make their price fluctuate from $50 to $150.

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Factors Impacting These Sleep Accessories’ Cost


An adjustable pillow can extend freely for sleep patterns. Two examples are adjusting the percentage of polyester in your polyfill pillow or selecting the type of memory foam you want. An adjustable pillow is costly.

Temperature Control

No matter how much you want, you can get either warmer or cooler pillows for your liking. High-end items using temperature control, like cooling gels, can be an expensive option.


Why Do Pillows Cost So Much?

Many pillows, notably decorative pillows, are pricey as they require much manual labor to manufacture, besides pillow materials, pillow size, comfort level, firmness levels, and design. The cost is partly passed on to the user.

What Type Of Pillow Is Best?

It depends on your demand and your budget. However, most people favor natural and organic pillow materials, like cotton and latex, over artificial ones.

How Much Is Too Much For Pillows?

Many experts believe that a long-lasting and qualified pillow often runs you between $25 and $100. Higher than $100 may no longer be an affordable price.

Our Verdicts

How much does pillows cost? Now you should get the answer. Spend a little more on an item you genuinely enjoy sleeping on. A good night's sleep leads to a better day with quality products worth your money.

Regarding pillows, affiliate with Organic Textiles, and we got you covered, no matter your preference and sleep patterns.

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