How To Get Pen Ink Out Of Comforter?

How To Get Pen Ink Out Of Comforter?


Families with children always have to suffer because of their children's hobby of drawing. They can use the pen to draw on anything like walls, tables, or comforters. How to get pen ink out of comforter? We got all the answers below. Let's check it out!

How To Get Pen Ink Out Of Comforter?

How to get ink out of a white comforter? Alcohol-based solvents, soap, and rubbing alcohol or water are common methods to remove pen ink from comforters. In addition, nail polish remover, vinegar-water solution, detergent, lemon juice, or chlorine bleach are other options.

Alcohol-Based Solvents

How to get pen ink out of white comforter? A solvent is the best choice to remove pen ink from comforters or other fabrics. They may not be compatible with certain synthetic ones, but they are relatively safe and efficient every time. 

Most people already have rubbing alcohol in their house, and if the pen-ink spot is not too large, it can be an excellent choice for quickly cleaning the mess. Numerous common solvents will help you. You can pick hand sanitizer instead of rubbing alcohol.

First, wet a clean cloth before blotting the ink stain. The liquid will blur the stain after careful and proper rubbing. 

It will be best if you repeat it several times to loosen the stained surface as much as possible. After multiple times of application, the ink stain will disappear from the comforter.

Finally, launder the comforter and let it dry, and you will see the ink stain has faded completely.

Soap And Rubbing Alcohol/ Water

Because most types of ink are oil-based, adding liquid soap to the alcoholic solution can loose and split the ink stain out of its connection with the fabric of the comforter.

It is suggested that a 2:1 combination of liquid soap and rubbing alcohol produces good results, especially for the permanent marker.

After preparing your cleaning mixture, apply it to the marker ink and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that, carefully rinse and instantly wash it. Repeat the wash cycle if you want the ink stain to be completely removed.

You can also use soap and water to remove the stain. Semi or nonpermanent water-based inks can be cleaned with liquid soap, shampoo, or ink removers.

Simply combine 240 ml warm water and a little liquid soap in a container to create the cleansing mixture. A mild detergent is recommended, but you can also use shampoo or soap.

Get Pen Ink Out Of Comforter

Nail Polish Remover

It is a popular and unique domestic solvent that can break down and vanish the color tightly bound in comforter, clothes, bedding, or housewares.

We advise to put a hand towel or white cloth behind the stained spot before explicitly applying the nail polish remover to the inks stains. Drop the liquid on a water-wet towel or cotton ball and blot the stain till it starts to loosen and blur.

Although the nail polish remover allows you to loosen the color, some may pass through and soak up into the clean cloth behind. Therefore, when the ink stain has faded, you should thoroughly wash and launder it as usual.

Vinegar And Water Solution

To remove tough stains, you can use a vinegar and water mixture. Vinegar is a strong stain remover, even stronger than the alcohol-based cleanser, and it is also highly acidic and toxic. Therefore, you should be careful when using it.

To make the combination, you first need to mix the vinegar in a 1:1 ratio with clean water. Blend the mixture in a bowl and soak your ink-part of the comforter. You can pour the liquid into a small sprayer, then spray it on the ink-stain position.

Remember to avoid using too hot water, as it may damage your comforter.

Get Ink out of comforter

Detergent And Lemon Juice

How to remove marker from comforter? Detergent and lemon juice is the next recommended cleaning method. A combination of equal amounts of laundry detergent and lemon juice might be the ideal quick fix for removing an ink stain from your white comforter.

This process requires careful rinsing, and you need to apply the cleaning fluid to the ink stain till it is totally saturated.

After that, leave it for over an hour after the appliance to allow it to function. The acidic mixture will dissolve the stain, making it easier to eliminate. Finally, thoroughly wash the spot and let it dry.

Chlorine Bleach

How to get ink stain out of comforter? Chlorine bleach on the comforter should be the last choice as it's rather toxic. If other approaches have failed to save the comforter, you can use a chlorine and water mixture.

In a bowl or bottle, combine an equal amount of water and bleach. This mixture can easily remove pen ink out of your comforter. However, it is also a toxic chemical that can cause damage to the fabric and the one exposed to it. 

Mistakes with chlorine bleach are usually irreversible, so you should be extremely cautious.

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So how to get ink out of white down comforter? You can refer to the above methods. Also, keep in mind some tricks below:

The first important cleaning tip is to rinse the comforter with dish soap and water to eliminate any cleaning solution.

You shouldn't put the comforter in the dryer until all the ink stains have been stripped away. It is because the heat from the dryer may make it difficult to remove entire stains.

Another thing is that you should let the comforter dry naturally. And don't use a damp comforter because dirt and oils from your clothes or your body may stick into the comforter and leave you a mess to clean.

How Do You Get Ballpoint Pen Stains Out?

In addition to alcohol-based household items, cleaning products, and detergent, you can use commercial products of stain cleaners to remove the ballpoint pen ink.

These are intended to get rid of difficult stains such as ink, dirt, and other stains. Following the instructions while using these commercial stain removers will be best.

To begin, apply a small amount of the liquid to the ink-stain area of the comforter. Allow it to dry after rinsing it, and put a paper towel under the marker spot. 

Ensure that the stained spot is not touching other parts of the comforter. It will help if you put a towel beneath the location you're cleaning. It will inhibit the ink stain from running through the comforter and staining more of it.

Add enough cleaner to cover the ink stain completely, let it soak into the spot to loosen the ink for 1-5 minutes. Finally, you need to wash the comforter thoroughly with warm water several times to ensure it's completely clean.


How to get pen ink out of comforter? You can use alcohol-based solvents, soap, rubbing alcohol, or water to remove the ink stains. Also, the alternatives are nail polish remover, vinegar-water solution, detergent, lemon juice, or chlorine. Hope you find this article useful. See you in the next posts.

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