How To Keep Comforter From Sliding Off The Bed? Easy Tips

How To Keep Comforter From Sliding Off The Bed? Easy Tips

Few things are worse nightmares than an uneven sheet on your bed, and one of those is undoubtedly a loose and tangled comforter. As someone who values sleep quality and aesthetics, it is terrible to wake up in the middle of the night or the morning when you realize half of your bedding is lying on the floor.

Yet, besides messing up with our OCD instincts, this issue also poses several concerns over hygiene and products' life. It disrupts millions, if not more, sleeps all over the world each night. Lucky for you, we are here to provide some solutions on how to keep the comforter from sliding off bed.

Why Do My Blankets Fall Off The Bed?

Easy-To-Slip Shells

First of all, what makes blankets and comforters fall off the bed? According to experts, the first thing you have to notice is the shell's material.

As a general rule of thumb, a more slippery and silky material will make it easier to slide off. Silk, sateen, or any materials with a shiny surface are best to avoid here. The optimal choices you can opt for are bedding with natural materials like flannel, cotton, or wool comforters. Usually, they have a rougher surface and become grippier over time.

Natural materials like cashmere also do wonders while providing a chic appearance. Yet, they still offer the utmost comfort with a soft touch and cozy experiences.

Hot Blankets/Comforters

Besides the friction between the beddings' shell materials, it also comes down to the fillings. If you notice that your blankets and comforters keep falling to the floor when you wake up, chances are not only some materials are slippery, but they also cause discomfort in your sleep.

If you feel hot or uncomfortable while sleeping, you can have the tendency to kick the material off yourself to feel cooler and more breathable. Of course, not everyone is an "active" sleeper, but that is the most probable scenario.

Wrong Size

Another aspect that makes it easier for a sheet to come off the bed is the sizing. It is easy to understand that a comforter that is too large for your bed will make it fit loose and hence easier to slide off, no matter how much you try to tuck it in.

Yet, a too-small size will stretch the material, damage it, and eventually cause it to curl up and slide off a side or corner of the bed.

How To Keep Comforter From Sliding Off Bed?

After addressing the reasons why a comforter slides off the bed, we can tackle each of them to prevent it from happening.

Choose The Right Shell Material

As we explained, you can start by choosing a grippier and/or rougher surface to increase the friction between the comforter and the mattress. Of course, if you move too much during your sleep, it can not prevent the issue entirely, but at least it will help partly.

The best bet is to stick to the organic comforters.

Organic Comforter

Pick Breathable Comforters

The second thing you need to pay attention to, which is arguably more important than the first solution, is paying attention to the mattress' materials.

For a more breathable feeling, it is best to avoid any foam or memory foam materials, as they tend to be much hotter, have worse ventilation and cause more discomfort, especially if you are a hot sleeper or live in a hotter climate.

For a more comfortable experience, opt for thin bed sheets of cotton and some organic materials. Avoid synthetic materials like sateen at all costs since manufacturers can treat them with chemicals, which can cause irritation, restrict airflow, and make it generally more uncomfortable.

Of course, you can also combine this with other external methods to ensure your bedroom has a suitable temperature during the night to avoid hot feelings. Research has shown that a cooler feeling contributes to a better night's sleep.

Pay Attention To The Size

Finally, choose the right comforter size for your bed. A proper fit will prevent excess material from falling off, making it easier to slide out even more.

In case your product is too large, and you don't want to change it for any reason, try to have a more efficient way to tuck it under the mattress, or arrange your bed next to a wall, for example, and tuck the excess material into the space between.

Sheet Straps

The last resort you can opt for is sheet straps as they provide an excellent lock for the bed. They help keep things together without falling out of place. There are several strap options you can use, but choose one that is suitable for your products without causing any discomfort.

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How Do I Keep My Bedspread From Sliding?

Bedspreads and comforters are not the same, but for the sake of a similar issue, we will also try to discuss this in the same article.

Generally speaking, a bedspread is more of a decorative layer to cover the whole bed and the box spring. While you will always sleep with a comforter, you don't necessarily need a bedspread when sleeping, especially during hotter nights.

With more coverage, it is usually not as easy to slide off the bed if you have the correct size. However, you can also apply the same principles with comforters here

Choose a more comfortable material or thinner material if you use them during summer to enhance comfort. Usually, a bedspread is thinner than a comforter, so choosing a comfy one is not that hard.

During winter or colder months, you can also go for heavier options, as they provide more weight and hence are less likely to slide off even when you use them as an extra cover for the blanket.

Yet, you don't want to tuck your bedspread under the mattress because that will basically defeat the purpose of its use. Bedspreads are used to cover the entire bed and are not another type of comforter.

To Wrap Things Up

We hope you are satisfied with what we have covered in this article and know how to keep the comforter from sliding off bed. By and large, the problem might stem from the improper material and the wrong size. So try to invest in high-quality and suitable bedding.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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