What is off-gassing? Why should we care?

Off-gassing are the chemical from manufactured products that emits into the air.

There are limited definite studies that are conclusive–however, there are still many reasons to be aware of the dangers of off-gassing. Testimonies and anecdotal reports from customers strongly suggests there’s a link between off-gassing and health. (1)

We want to specifically address off-gassing from beds because of how much time we spend a night on our beds. That’s a long time in close proximity to off-gassing chemicals.

People believe after the products initially air out and the smell is barely noticeable, the chemical have completely disappeared into the air. That’s not true. (2)

The longer we own a mattress, the more the toxic compounds can break down over time, which doesn’t always have a noticeable odor. (2) Health risks become real at this point.

Findings for health concerns:

  • Disrupting hormone levels in thyroid. Studies found flame retardants, like PBDE affect the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located in front of your neck and takes care of your metabolism, heart and digestion function, bone maintenance, brain development, and muscle control. (3)
  • Affecting neuronal pathway. Pathways in your  brain is affected by the flame retardant, PBDE, according to studies. It can affect development, learning, and memory.
  • Brain dysfunction. Chemical exposure lead to poorer quality of life and neurocognitive impairment. It may lead to disorders that affect the brain including memory and attention.
  • Reducing Fertility. Studies show increase levels of PBDE flame retardants were associated with pregnancy. It could take even longer to achieve a successful pregnancy.
  • Exacerbating Allergies. Off gassing can make asthma worse. It ranges from puffy eyes, red and watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, coughing, and skin irritation.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Surveys of SIDs occurrence and off-gassing mattresses seemed to suggest they were related.

 Asthma and other respiratory problems.

Of course any health effects depend entirely on particular chemicals involved, chemical concentration, and how long the exposure.

What to do?

Ideally, buying new organic or all natural bedding will significantly reduce the chance of off-gassing and its effect.

However, it’s not just the mattresses, Bugs like cotton too.  

It’s important to take precaution on other bedding as well, especially those with cotton.

Twenty-five percent of agricultural chemicals are used to grow cotton. And these residual insecticides are with us while we sleep. Every night.  (1)

Organic 100% cotton makes a huge different in off-gassing. Other natural products and alternatives will include wool, latex, bamboo, real down, and cotton

At Organic Textiles LCC, we do our best to decrease the toxicity and off-gassing for our customers, also protecting our own workers and manufacturers from toxicity.

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