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How to get dog pee out of a down comforter?

How to get dog pee out of a down comforter?

A down comforter is a necessary item in your bedroom to give you a soft and warm place for sleeping. This sizable investment often requires special care over time. However, your dog can accidentally make a statement on it.

So how to get dog pee out of a down comforter without ruining it? Without a shade of doubt, a thorough cleaning is of utmost importance. Follow us to find the best cleaning methods.

Why Does My Dog Keep Peeing On My Down Comforter?

All dogs are likely to pee in beds, especially younger dogs. This is because they often get excited and urinate. They can dribble some urine when being overly excited or put in a submissive position. Don't worry about that, as they will soon grow out of this bad behavior. You will need to give them some training.

Have you ever heard of your pets peeing on the bed for territorial marking purposes? Some dogs are more territorial than others and prone to marking their territory with urine.

However, this behavior happening on your bed will be a big problem. You can minimize territorial markings through housetraining and behavior modification.

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Fear, anxiety, and stress can also lead to a dog urinating inappropriately. Changes in the living environment and underlying medical conditions will cause sudden unwanted stress. Therefore, always reduce your pets' stress and anxiety to improve the situation.

How To Get Dog Pee Out Of A Down Comforter?

Does Dog Pee Come Out Of Comforter?

It’s a big old Yes! Though disgusting, there will always be a way to completely erase the dog pee and its smell out of your comfy bedding, including comforters. So how to clean a down comforter with urine? The sections below will tell you the know-how.

Check The Labels

High-quality down comforters are often expensive to replace and require various special treatments. Therefore, it is vital to carefully check the manufacturer's tag to get the necessary information and cleaning product.

You should find the tag attached to the bedding. Here, all the cleaning guidelines and restrictions are noted clearly. For example, some products should be given dry cleaning, while others can be treated with spot cleaning.


How to get dog pee out of a comforter? It would be better to consult a professional to receive the best treatment. Yet, if you can handle the problem yourself, cleaning your comforter will require the following steps.

After discovering the urine spots, check out the damage and locate its presence in your down comforter. Now it's time to dry tough stains with some absorbent white paper towels.

Remove all the excess urine from your bedding piece before applying any spot treatment. Enzymatic urine-removing cleaning fluids will be a great choice.

Soak the damaged area in this enzyme detergent only to avoid laborious cleaning steps. Don't forget to check the manufacturer's instructions to see the substance applying time.

You will need to rinse, dry, and smell the stained area various times to remove it completely. Now it's time for laundering.

Washable down comforters can be handled on a gentle cycle with a mild laundry detergent in hot water. Line-dry it carefully instead of using your dryer. You will have to give it several washing cycles to remove the smell.

Dry Outside

How to get dog urine smell out of comforter? Drying your down comforter outside in the sun can remove lingering urine odors and remove any harmful bacteria. For optimal results, you can use a fabric refreshing spray together.

Line-drying helps minimize unwanted shrinkage, but it can result in a slight decrease in size.

Future Protection

How to get dog pee out of white comforter? You don’t have to worry about this thing once you grasp how to deal with it in the first place. A waterproof comforter cover will come in great handy to safeguard against later pet stains. You can get rid of the stain and wash the bedding with cold water in case your puppy does his business on the bed without causing any everlasting damage.

Another suggestion is to keep your puppy off your sleeping area. This way, there will be no potential for accidents in the first place.

How Do I Get The Dog Smell Out Of My Down Comforter?

Dog's smell, especially from urine, is never pleasant. Sometimes, it can get on your nerves! So how to get urine out of comforter? There are various methods to remove the annoying smells.

One of the best ways is to use baking soda. This household substance can work in sheets, mattresses, pillows, and quilts. Soak the urinated area of your comforter carefully, and you will get the desired result.

A cup of white vinegar is also worth your investment. You can use this substance as a natural fabric softener and an odor remover in the rinse cycle.

Yet, bear in mind that white vinegar solution gives off a strong craving. Therefore, at first use or during the first few minutes, the smell can linger on.

It will likely disappear when the white vinegar is dry. For this reason, it would be better to take this method as soon as you get up. Your comforter will be ready for a perfect night. That’s how to get pee stain out of comforter!

How To Stop My Dog From Peeing On The Bed?

Instead of struggling with how to get dog pee out of a comforter, why don’t you put an end to this situation?

The first thing you can do is assess your puppy's living environment. Are there any changes happening that make him stressed? Figure the problem out and reduce his stress and anxiety.

If bedwetting accidents happen too frequently, a trip to the vet will be a high recommendation. A professional opinion will be useful to rule out any potential diseases and ease your worries.

If the peeing problem results from stress, the vet can offer possible solutions to calm your puppy, like medications. At home, training your puppy will take some time, but it is a must. You can try crate training for your puppy.

Overall, the best method should be restricting his access to your bed when you are out! Keep the door closed without your presence. Don't forget to take your pooch out for pee breaks frequently when you are at home.

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Removing dog urine from your bedding, such as a down comforter, is an uphill struggle. This piece of furniture is often bulky and made from cotton, which is difficult to remove urine stains or smells.

So how to get dog pee out of a down comforter? After flicking through our article, we bet that you have got the answers! So feel free to get your dog to sleep with you!

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