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Will Full Size Comforter Fit Twin XL Bed? - An Ultimate Guide

Will Full Size Comforter Fit Twin XL Bed? - An Ultimate Guide

Shopping for bedding is not an easy task since it requires us to master many dimensions and terms. Wrong purchasing of its types can result in you wasting a fortune since they are not cheap.

One of the controversial riddles is: will full size comforter fit twin XL bed? Grasping this huge headache problem is a must to find you the most comfortable dorm beddings. Read on!

What Is The Size Of A Twin XL Bed?

You might often catch sight of its sibling, but not this one. Sacks in the college dorm are often longer than normal twin sacks, and it is called a twin XL one.
Though they add the “XL” into the name, it doesn’t mean that this type is too much bigger than its predecessor. People will put this type inside the dorm room, so it must be space-saving enough. The only difference is the longer length for us to stretch our bodies.

Let’s take a look at some standard mattress dimensions to find the perfect bedding:

Size Dimensions(inch)
Cal King 72X84
King 76X80
Queen 60X80
Full 54X75
Twin XL 39X80
Twin 39X75



What Is A Full-Size Comforter?

Then, what about a full comforter? The comforter is often made to match the mattress, so its exact measurements depend mostly on the mattress. A full version of it should fit perfectly into a full (or double) mattress.

To provide you with a more holistic view, we’ve included the measurements table as follow:

Size Name Measurements of the Mattress(inch) Comforter Size(Width X Length, inch)
California King(Western King) 72 X 84 107 - 110 X 96 - 98
Queen(Eastern Queen) 76 X 80 102 X 86 - 88
Queen 60 X 80 86 - 88 X 96 -100
Full(Double) 54 X 75 81 - 84 X 86 - 88
Twin XL 38 X 80 68 X 90 
Twin 38 X 75 66 - 68 X 86 - 88
Crib 28 X 52 28 - 36 X 48 - 52

Will Full Size Comforter Fit Twin XL Bed?

According to the above measurements, the full-size comforter can fit dorm beds but not perfectly. The smallest variant of 81 x 86 will be too much in width for a 38 x 80 sack. The comforter may lie on two sides of the sack.

You can still fix the problem by folding the excess part of the item on the underside of the mattress. However, it will still be too much, and we recommend you to buy the right one for utmost comfort while using and replacing it.

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How To Choose The Right Size Of Comforter?

Entering a store, you will see various products from many brands. They all come with labels indicating the brand names, materials, and, more importantly, the mattress name and dimensions.

Some of you would just look at the name of “Cal King”, “Queen”, or “Double” and decide to purchase it right away, thinking it will fit your mattress at home like a glove. As listed in the above table, there are still ranges of measurement for each name. Each different brand will manufacture a different range to the other one.

For example, if you see a comforter with the “Full/Queen” label, its width may range from 81 - 88 inches, while the length can be anywhere from 86 to 100. It is a broad range that can lead to trouble in fitting in your sack. If your bed is the full variant, the comforters won’t fit and will extend to the floor. What if it’s a queen-size bed? Chances are it will lack a few inches.

Our advice is to carefully measure your sack and look at the dimensions in every number. A full mattress will demand less width and length than a queen bed.


Coming back to the main idea of this article, you may wonder whether a twin-size comforter fits a twin XL sack. The two dimensions of the mattress only differ in length, which is 5 inches in detail. Thus, the comforters should be a minimum of 90 inches in length if you want it to cover the sack properly.

In case you buy a 88-inch comforter, it will be fine as only 2 inches are missing, but replacing your sack will be harder and may tear it out.

To provide more information about choosing your right beddings, let’s look further at the Cal King and King names. You can see that their names are quite similar. Still, their sizes differ greatly.

Only looking at the names, one might think it may be the Cal King bigger. Well, the difference is not that simple. While the Cal King is wider, it is, surprisingly, shorter than the standard King one with the dimensions of 72 x 84. You can’t use a Cal King comforter on a King bed.

Furthermore, if you’re choosing down comforters for a comfy sleep since they are fluffy, you should expect their sizes to be smaller than what the dimensions say. To avoid this issue, look for oversized ones, or choose the one that is one size bigger than the mattress.

How To Measure Your Mattress

Carefully doing the measuring before going to the mall is the best way to save money and avoid returning issues. While measuring, don’t forget to count in the sides.

When shopping, you should exercise the following rule of thumb. If your mattress is 50 inches wide and is 9 inches high, your comforter should be at least 61 inches wide. You can see that this technique is the sum of the mattress’s width and thickness, then add in additional width.

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What Size Comforter Fits A Twin XL Bed?

The excellent option for this sack would have its length measure a minimum of 90 inches and width measure a minimum of 68 inches.

Can I Use Full Size Comforter On Twin Bed?

You can use a full-sized comforter on this bed, but the width will be excessively extended to the floor. The dimensions of a full blanket are 81 to 84 inches wide, while the twin mattress is only 38 x 75.

What Size Blanket Do You Need For A Twin XL Bed?

You can choose a 66 x 95 inches blanket for this situation. A blanket that snuggly fits the twin XL bed is rare, so such alternative options would be a good fix that you can find anywhere.

What Size Blanket Do You Need For A Twin XL Bed?

What Sheets Fit A Twin XL Bed?

Not only this one, but we will give you a table that covers all sheet sizes so you can confidently choose your bed sheets:

Mattress Size Name Fitted Sheet Size (W X L - Inches)
Twin 38 X 75
Twin XL 38 X 80
Full 53 X 75
Queen 60 X 80
King 76 X 80
Cal King 72 X 84 


Mattress Thickness(Inches) Sheet Pocket Size
7 - 12 Standard
13 - 17 Deep
18 - 25 Extra Deep 


Will full size comforter fit twin XL bed? You should already have the answer in your mind if you’ve reached this part of the article. The answer is a big yes, though with some excessive blanket on two sides.

Carefully in every number of dimensions is the key to getting the most suitable and budget-friendly option for your home.

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